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How much does a 8 inch cement block weigh?

How much does a 8 inch cement block weigh?

A typical 8″ by 8″ by 16″ cinder block has an average weight of about 38 pounds (17 kilograms) depending on the application it is being utilized for. This weight may vary based on the weight capacity, size, and overall project you are undertaking.

How much does a solid concrete block way?

Concrete Block Size and Weight

W x H x L Description App. Weight
4x8x16 4” Concrete Line Block 26
4x8x16 4” Concrete Solid Block 32
4x4x16 4x4x16 Concrete Solid Block… (Slug Block) 17.5
4x8x16 4” Concrete Interlocking/Return Corner Block 34.6

How much does it cost to lay an 8 inch block?

Concrete block cost

Block Size Average Cost
4-6 inch $1.35
8 inch $1.50
10 inch $1.85
12 inch $2.05

How much does a concrete block cost?

Menard’s also lists its prices on its official website. According to the website, an eight-inch standard concrete block retails for $1.50, while four-inch construction block retails for $1.50. Regardless of the size, most were less than $2 each.

How much does cement block weigh?

Conventional 8-inch concrete blocks weigh around 19.5 Kilogram each. Autoclaved aerated concrete, or lightweight block, can contain as much as 80 per cent air, and weigh as little as 20 per cent as much as the same size conventional block.

What is the weight of one standard concrete block?

Concrete blocks usually range in height from 2 inches to 12 inches. Some are hollow inside, while some are solid. Weights Of Solid Concrete Blocks A 2″x8″x16″ solid concrete block weighs 17 pounds (7.7 kg)

What is the size of a concrete block?

Concrete blocks are manufactured in required shape and sizes and these may be solid or hollow blocks. The common size of concrete blocks is 39cm x 19cm x (30cm or 20 cm or 10cm) or 2 inch, 4 inch, 6 inch, 8 inch, 10 inch and 12-inch unit configurations. Cement, aggregate, water is used to prepare concrete blocks.