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How many types of flowerhorn are there?

How many types of flowerhorn are there?

The original flowerhorn hybrid stock are referred to as luohans (from the Chinese word for the Buddhist concept of arhat). The four main derived varieties are Zhen Zhu, Golden Monkey, Kamfa, and the golden base group, which includes Faders and the Golden Trimac.

Which flowerhorn breed is best?

Zhen Zhu. The Zhen Zhu Flowerhorn is best known for its near perfect “flowerline”, or line of flowering pattern along its body, also called pearling. These are not as popular as the classic Kamfa and tend to be rounder with red eyes and more yellow/tan in color.

What kind of cichlid is a flowerhorn?

Flowerhorn cichlids are hybrid Central American cichlids, also known as Louhan in Asia. One or more of the original parent species was Amphilophus trimaculatus, and that’s the species that they most closely resemble, and behave like.

What fish can breed with flowerhorn?

Giant Gourami, Oscar Cichlids, Suckermouth Armored Catfish, Spotted Hoplo, Spotted Raphael Catfish, Lowland Cichlids and Bushynose Catfish are others that would make good tank mates. For smaller, slower fish, the Flowerhorn won’t match well. You may add oscar fish with flowerhorn.

How big does a Flowerhorn cichlid get?

The Flowerhorn Cichlid has a very thick oval body with a protruding nuchal hump on the head. It is a large cichlid reaching up to between 12 – 16 inches (31 – 41 cm) in length, depending on its parentage. Its scales can range from a bluish green metallic overall, to pinks and reds in the front half of the body.

What kind of cichlids can live together?

Best Cichlids Types that can live together: Non-aggressive cichlids such as Bolivian Ram, Blue Acara, Keyhole, the electric yellow African, Peacock Cichlids are the best types of cichlids that can live together; they let the other fishes live in their own space instead of bullying and showing them territorial behaviors.

What type of flowerhorn?

Kamfa Flowerhorn. They possess a square-shaped body and round-shaped lips and these two parameters are helpful in telling a Kamfa flowerhorn.

  • and sharp-pointed mouth to show its identity and have a weak floppy tails.
  • Golden Monkey Flowerhorn.
  • Golden Base Fader Flowerhorn.