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How many state police are in Massachusetts?

How many state police are in Massachusetts?

2,187 troopers
At present, it has 2,187 troopers, 1,500 of them being uniformed troopers, and 540 civilian support staff—making it the largest law enforcement agency in New England. The MSP is headed by Colonel Christopher Mason….

Massachusetts State Police
Troopers 2,187 (as of 2014)
Civilian employees 540 (as of 2014)

What is a police eligibility list?

Every two years, an eligibility list is compiled of candidates for the position of Patrol Officer. This process includes a written application, physical testing, written exam, and oral interviews. Patrol officers may only be hired from the names appearing on the Eligibility List.

Are police reports public record Massachusetts?

One of the services that all police departments provide in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts is the dissemination of information to the public. Essentially, all records a police department holds, creates, maintains, etc. are presumed to be public records unless a specifically-identified exemption applies.

What is Civil Service eligible list?

Candidates who have successfully passed an open-competitive or promotional examination for a specific job title are placed on an eligible list. The eligible lists for open-competitive announcements rank candidates based on residency, veterans’ status, and by final average.

How many troopers does the Massachusetts State Police have?

Massachusetts State Police. The Massachusetts State Police ( MSP) is an agency of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts ‘ Executive Office of Public Safety and Security responsible for criminal law enforcement and traffic vehicle regulation across the state. At present, it has approximately 2,300 officers, 1500 of them being uniformed troopers,…

Who is eligible for the Massachusetts State Police?

48 Musumeci, Thomas Veteran Beverly MA MA Department of State Police Eligible List for State Police Selection 3/25/2020 This list is revised when make up exam scores or veteran’s points are added. Rank numbers may change

Who are the most wanted Massachusetts State Police?

State Police’s Most Wanted. 1 Mario R. Garcia. Additional Resources for Open PDF file, 354.75 KB, for Mario R. Garcia Most Wanted Poster (PDF 354.75 KB) 2 Wesly Jordan Alcin. 3 Alexander Keen Grant. 4 Mariano Pereyra Jr. 5 Ingmar Robles Pojoy.

What does the Massachusetts State Police do for You?

We protect all residents and visitors to the Commonwealth. We regularly partner with local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies on investigations, operations, and training to make Massachusetts a safer place for all. What would you like to do?