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How many miles should I run a day for cross country?

How many miles should I run a day for cross country?

Follow this program exactly as it is written and you will average between 35 and 45 miles a week, enough for most high school cross country runners. If you feel you need more miles, discuss your plans with your coach before proceeding. More important than the number of miles run is the quality of those miles.

How many miles a week do college cross country runners run?

The mileage of a college runner far exceeds that of most high school runners. While most high school athletes will never run more than 50 miles a week, the average healthy collegiate cross-country athlete logs anywhere from 70-100 miles a week.

What type of training is best for cross country?


  • Calf Raises
  • then lower the dumbbell. Repeat with other arm.
  • Dumbbell Arm Swings
  • Mass.
  • How do you get better at cross country?

    To get faster and better at cross country, you need to train. Join a cross country club near you if you can, and find a park or school where you can train. You can run laps on an oval track, or if you have a hilly street or park near you, you can run up hills.

    Should I run cross country in college?

    Running in college encourages you to take part in regular exercise which helps to keep you healthy. 7. I loved being part of the cross country and track teams at my high school. By joining cross country in college you still get the family feel of being on a small running team.

    What are some good tips for cross country runners?

    -Editor Picks:

  • Train Well In Advance.
  • Eat Healthy During Your Training Period.
  • Get Proper Footwear.
  • Speed Isn’t The Criteria Here.
  • Stay Hydrated.
  • Warming Up Before You Begin Is Essential.
  • Make It A Point To Add Uphill And Down Hill Running In Your Training.
  • Find Proper Attire For The Race.
  • Stop If You Feel Chest Pain Or Severe Discomfort.