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How many Little Chef restaurants are there?

How many Little Chef restaurants are there?

From 11 seats, we’ve grown to become one of the UK’s favourite roadside restaurants with 70 Little Chef restaurants from Scotland down to Cornwall.

Where have all the little chefs gone?

In February 2017, Kout Food Group sold all Little Chef locations to Euro Garages, though with Kout retaining full rights to Little Chef’s intellectual property and franchise control. Euro Garages began a programme to close down all Little Chefs, replacing them with their other brands such as Starbucks and Greggs.

Are there any little chefs left in the UK?

Despite the official website claiming that the brand still operates “70 Little Chef restaurants”, the business is in fact defunct. From the dizzying heights of its hey-day, the brand struggled to compete in the modern fast food world.

Why did Little Chef close?

The last Little Chef closed on January 31, 2018, after the company was bought by Euro Garages who converted the restaurants into other brands such as Greggs and Starbucks. The company declined after the turn of the century due to a lack of investment, increased competition and the use of motorways over A-roads.

Where are the Little Chef restaurants in the UK?

List of Little Chef restaurants Branch name Road (at the time) Year opened Year closed Type Fakenham A148 1970s 1976? standalone Farnham (Hogs Back) A31 1960s 1993 (moved) standalone Farrington Gurney A39 / A37 1985? 2012 Feering A12 1996 2018 service area

Are there any Little Chef restaurants in airports?

Given the complicated history of Little Chef it’s probably true that there were some short-lived experiments, especially in the very early days and during their foray into airports, which haven’t been recorded here. The challenge is finding evidence of them!

How much is a breakfast at Little Chef?

Assorted Cold Cereal Breakfast $2.49 Served with milk. Please call restaurant for today’s options. 2 Eggs Combo Breakfast $8.99 2 extra large farm fresh eggs any style with your choice of meat, home fries, and toast and jelly.

How to check if a Little Chef has closed?

Every Little Chef has since closed. On the list below you can tap the ‘sort’ icons next to each heading to re-arrange the it. In addition to the full table, you may be interested in the following branch maps: