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How many horsepower is a Kubota L3560?

How many horsepower is a Kubota L3560?

37 hp

Gross Horsepower 37 hp (27.6 kW) @ 2,600 rpm
Net Horsepower 35 hp (26.1 kW) @ 2,600 rpm
Displacement 111 ci
Cylinders 3

How much does a Kubota l4060 weigh?

Kubota L4060

Dimensions & Tires
Wheelbase: 74.6 inches 189 cm
Weight: 3737 to 4134 pounds
Front tire: 8.3-16
Rear tire: 14.9-24

What kind of engine does a Kubota l3560 have?

Reliable power, cleaner emissions and an available spacious Grand CabTM define the Grand L3560. Featuring a 37 HP Kubota diesel engine and your choice of three state-of-the-art transmission options including HST PLUS with stall guard. KUBOTA’S GRAND L60 SERIES IS PREMIUM IN DESIGN AND POWERFUL IN PERFORMANCE!

Are there any negative comments about the l3560?

OTHER ISSUES IGNORED, a B3350/3310 will walk away from an L3560 pulling just about anything uphill because it is much lighter. The only negative comments that I have heard about the 3560 relate to power. Granted, most such comments are from owners that expect too much from a small tractor rated at 28 PTO HP.

Which is better the l3560 or the lx3310?

If the larger size of the L3560 is not a problem for your space, hands down it is the better tractor. As far as weight and wet ground, choose tires and loaded versus not carefully. I have the industrial tires which are wide, and loaded, and can run around my backyard fine without making a mess.

What to do with a Kubota L60 tractor?

Simple to operate yet amazingly powerful, the L-Series tractors: the premium Grand L60’s and the Standard L’s, are ideal for everything from estate maintenance chores to commercial landscaping and small farming. The Grand L60’s engine lineup has been re…