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How long does JCI take to review?

How long does JCI take to review?

In case you are wondering, here are the 2-year data: we’ve published 640 papers, received 572 direct submissions and 566 transfers from JCI, and our average time to decision for reviewed manuscripts is 21 days.

What does manuscript under consideration mean?

under editorial assessment
Under consideration means your manuscript is under editorial assessment. It will either pass for peer review or return to you for amendment or rejection.

Is JCI peer reviewed?

By submitting a manuscript to the JCI, the authors agree to subject it to the confidential peer review process outlined above.

What does it mean when a paper is under review?

When the status of your manuscript changes to under review, this means that it has passed the initial editorial checks. The status of under review means that the paper has been sent to external expert reviewers and your paper is now being assessed by them. …

What does ” under editorial consideration ” mean in a journal?

Most Journals have highly automated systems. “Editorial assessment of reviews” can mean that all reviewer send back their reviews and “Manuscript under editorial consideration” could mean that the editor hit the button “look at review”.

Who are the members of the JCI editorial board?

Peter Agre, Carol W. Greider, Diane E. Griffin, Paul B. Rothman, and David Valle James Meixiong, Miguel Pinilla-Vera, Christopher B. Toomey, Robert J. Tower

What happens if a manuscript is rejected by the JCI?

For manuscripts that were editorially rejected by the JCI but invited for transfer. Manuscripts will be sent for external peer review prior to the initial decision by JCI Insight.

How to contact the editors of JCI Insight?

Interested authors may submit inquiries to the Editors at [email protected]. Your inquiry must include the original manuscript, the full decision letter, and reviews from the previous journal, as well as your proposed response to the critiques received.