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How is RTJ flange measured?

How is RTJ flange measured?

5 RTJ flanges. You may easily measure the height of raised faces by placing a straight edge such as a scale across the face of the raised face area of the flange and measuring the gap between the straight edge and the face of the flange outside of the raised face.

What is RTJ gasket?

Ring type joint gasket (RTJ Gasket) is a high integrity sealing gasket, high temperature and high pressure gasket for applications in petroleum industry, oilfield drilling, pressure vessels joints, pipes and valves etc from Goodrich Gasket Pvt. Ltd.

Can RTJ gaskets be reused?

Coining deforms and yields the gasket hence its reuse will not reliably achieve the required seal….Is it safe then to reuse the gaskets only for hydrotest purpose.

Ring Gasket Material Maximum Hardness for Ring Gaskets
Brinell Rockwell “B” Scale
Type 316 160 83

What are the different types of RTJ gaskets?

Ring gaskets are also known as RTJ gasket or O-ring Gaskets. These gaskets are used for high-pressure services. They are solid rings of metal (cut from plate, pipe, or a forged ring) in different cross-sections such as oval, round, octagonal.

What are the dimensions of ring joint gaskets?

P = average pitch diameter of ring ±0.18 A = width of ring ±0.20 C = width of flat on octagonal ring ±0.20 R1 = radius in ring ±0.5

How tall is an oval ring gasket pipe?

Height of Ring Gasket Weights, lbs. 150 300/600 900 1500 2500 2000/3000 5000 of Ring of Ring Oval Octagonal Approx. Distance Between Oval Octagonal Ring No. Nominal Pipe Size P A B H Flanges Rings Rings R79 – – – 24 – – – 27.250 1.375 1.75 1.63 0.19 48.7 49.75

Where can I find dimension table for your gaskets?

DIMENSION TABLE FOR R (Oval & Octagonal) TYPE RING JOINT GASKETS REVATA ENGINEERING W-20, S Block, M.I.D.C. Bhosari, Pune – 411 026 India Phone: +91-20-3253 3825 E-mail: [email protected] Web: DIMENSION TABLE FOR R (Oval & Octagonal) TYPE RING JOINT GASKETS