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How do you use the northwest corner rule?

How do you use the northwest corner rule?

North-West Corner Rule

  1. Select the north-west or extreme left corner of the matrix, assign as many units as possible to cell AD, within the supply and demand constraints.
  2. Now move horizontally and assign 30 units to the cell AE.
  3. Now move vertically in the matrix and assign 40 units to Cell BE.

Who invented north west corner method?

George B. Dantzig
The solution to this problem was first offered by George B. Dantzig and published in Koopman’s (1951) monograph 13. The procedure that Dantzig used to obtain an initial basic feasible solution was later termed the North-West Corner Rule by Charmes and Cooper (1954 to 1955).

What would be the initial basic feasible solution using northwest corner rule?

Methods of finding initial Basic Feasible Solutions: North-West Corner Rule (NWC) For finding the initial basic feasible solution total supply must be equal to total demand.

What are the limitations of north west corner model?

One disadvantage of using the North-West corner rule to find initial solutions to the transportation problem is that it does not take into account cost of transportation. North-west is an easy way to find a solution and works efficiently most of the time. But there isn’t any superiority among these methods.

What is the meaning of the north west corner rule?

Definition: The North-West Corner Rule is a method adopted to compute the initial feasible solution of the transportation problem.

How to calculate the demand of the northwest corner rule?

Find an initial basic feasible solution of the given transportation problem using northwest corner rule Solution. Starting from the North west corner, we allocate 20 units to F 1 W 1. The demand for the first column is completely satisfied. Use Horizontal Scrollbar to View Full Table Calculation.

How does the north west corner method work?

Transportation problem calculator helps to calculate/solve the supply and demand of a product by using North West Corner Method. It also assists in computing the minimum path of transportation.

How to calculate the north west corner cost?

Here north west corner cell is (3,C) Allocate as much as possible in the first cell so that either the capacity of third row is exhausted or the destination requirement of the third column is exhausted. The total transportation cost. = Rs.102