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How do you make chocolate with nitrogen?

How do you make chocolate with nitrogen?


  1. Fill a food processor with heavy cream, condensed milk, and unsweetened cocoa powder.
  2. Close the top and blend for 15 seconds.
  3. Use a funnel or carefully pour the ice cream mixture into a large squeeze bottle and tighten the lid.

Can you use liquid nitrogen to make ice cream?

If making chocolate ice cream, mix the cocoa with some milk or cream by shaking it in a separate, sealed plastic container before adding it to the ice cream mix. 2. Slowly add some liquid nitrogen to the ice cream mixture. It will take approximately two liters of liquid nitrogen to freeze a single batch of the mixture.

How much liquid nitrogen do you need for ice cream?

Add about 2-3 liters of liquid nitrogen slowly and in small portions into the mix and stir with a wooden spoon. Pour a little at a time and stir; then continue adding small amounts of liquid nitrogen until you have the desired consistency. One person should be stirring while another gradually pours in the LN2.

What is liquid nitrogen ice cream?

The Science Behind It. Freezing the cream and milk mixture with liquid nitrogen prevents large ice crystals from forming. This is what makes this type of ice cream so creamy.

How do you make ice cream with liquid nitrogen?

Use the squeeze bottle to squeeze the mix at a constant drip into the liquid nitrogen. Fill the bowl with droplets and allow the liquid nitrogen to boil off. Once all the liquid has boiled over from the bottom, serve. Enjoy! Submit a recipe to Tasty! Have a recipe of your own to share? Submit your recipe here.

What’s the fastest way to make ice cream?

The fastest way to make ice cream is to use liquid nitrogen. It is so cold (I’m talking -321°F) that it freezes your ice cream almost instantly. Follow along and we will show you how to make liquid nitrogen ice cream.

What to do when ice cream is too thick for whisk?

When the ice cream becomes too thick for the whisk, switch to the wooden spoon. As it hardens more, remove the spoon and just pour the remaining liquid nitrogen onto the ice cream to fully harden it. Allow the excess liquid nitrogen to boil off before serving the ice cream.

Can you store liquid nitrogen in a container?

Only store liquid nitrogen in an approved container. NEVER seal a container with liquid nitrogen. Allow any food made with liquid nitrogen to sit for several seconds before consuming it. You need to give time for the liquid nitrogen to evaporate from the food or it could cause frostbite.