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How do you level up fast in High School Story?

How do you level up fast in High School Story?

Set the time back to normal, and then start another order. Repeat this as often as you like in order to earn massive amounts of books. Earn more books, AND more experience points, with the completion of quests. The faster you complete quests, the faster you earn experience points.

How do you skip detention in High School Story?

It is possible to sneak out of detention. This works with iPhones and iPads, if you have a Game Center account. High School Story needs to be synced with Game Center for it to work. This way is not recommended, though, because newly added classmates can disappear if you do this.

How much money do you get for winning a writing contest?

One first-place winner will receive $10,000, one second-place winner will receive $3,000, five finalists will receive $1,000 each, and eight semi-finalists will win $100 each. The contest is open to students in grades nine through 12 who are residents of the United States attending public, private, parochial, or home schools.

How to improve your short story writing skills?

Short Story Tips: 10 Hacks to Improve Your Creative Writing. 1 1. Get Started: Emergency Tips. 2 2. Write a Catchy First Paragraph. 3 3. Developing Characters. 4 4. Choose a Point of View. 5 5. Write Meaningful Dialogue.

What kind of contests can you enter in high school?

Some high school contests accept entries in a variety of formats, including the standard fiction and non-fiction, but also things like screenwriting or visual art. Check out these contests with multiple categories: The Scholastic Art and Writing Awards celebrate art by students in grades seven through twelve on a regional and national scale.

What’s the best way to win a science fair?

1. Make it relatable 2. Measure 1 thing. Change 1 thing. 3. Make a prediction 4. Practice the interview Haircut tips raw data-… Summary: I’m a big fan of science fairs because for a lot of kids it’s their first exposure to science! But I think a lot of times it’s not a good first impression.