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How do you beat the impossible quiz 3?

How do you beat the impossible quiz 3?

It turns out that the question is written backwards; when read from right to left, starting from the bottom line, it says “Answer this question backwards.” The correct choice for this question is “K.O” because it’s the word “O.K.” written backwards.

What is the answer to question 53 on the impossible quiz 3?

In short, the correct answer is LOAD ” “, which is what you must type in a ZX Spectrum/Splapptrum to load a game.

What is the answer to question 11 on the impossible quiz 3?

While it would seem sensible to choose “December 3rd” or “A question mark”, the answer in this case is “n”, because it’s what follows the word “December” the second; in other words, it’s the second character after the word.

What is the answer to question 8 on the impossible quiz 3?

The answer choices you’re given say “G”, “E”, “I” and “Hang on… This question seems familiar”. Just like the last option hints at you, this question will indeed look familiar to you assuming you have played the first game.

How to complete the impossible quiz book chapter 1 by?

Clint Eastwood (he’s a movie star known for shooting in westerns) 3. 2:30 (you need a dentist appointment because your tooth hurts; tooth-hurty -> two-thirty) 4. A femur (female + lemur) 5. Click the empty Skip slot (the arrow points the same way as east on the compass)

What does red mean in the impossible quiz book?

Answers in red indicate that the question has a bomb. Text in red, bolded and in brackets indicates the bomb time. Chapter 2 also contains two special red bombs, which last for two questions instead of only one. These are marked above the two questions they appear in.

What does the claw say on the impossible quiz book?

The claw comes down right over the book, and we see the aiming screen saying: “Target confirmed”. The aim moves to Chris and the screen displays “Unidentified creature”, with a flashing warning text saying “Potentially lethal”. The claw grabs the book, but as it does, a gun is heard being loaded.

Where to find fusestopper in the impossible quiz book?

Click any of the C’s in the word “Click” (C is the largest Roman numeral of the clickable options, although the question number, for example, is bigger) // FUSESTOPPER: Hidden in a bush, just above the V in ‘lives’. Search for it. 124.