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How do iOS apps communicate with each other?

How do iOS apps communicate with each other?

There are 2 ways to manage communication between apps. One way is to manage communication between apps through registered URL handlers. Here is an outline of how to set that up. The other way is to use peer-to-peer networking over Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

What is inter-app communication?

Inter-app communication is the communication that allows your Android app to interact with other applications. This sort of communication takes into account the security of intents and the app components.

How do two apps communicate?

Best way to communicate between two applications

  1. Launch the sub application from the central application.
  2. Communication between the central and sub Applications.
  3. close sub applications launched from central application when user performs log out in central app.

How does iOS app communicate with server?

2 Answers. Your best bet is to have your iPhone make web requests of a web server. Your iPhone app acts just like a web browser, making http requests to a web server, and parsing the response.

Which is the best language to write iOS SDK in?

There are two popular languages right now for writing iOS apps, as I’m sure you know (Swift and Objective-C). Some developers use only Objective-C, and some use only Swift, and a lot use something in between. As such, it’s critical that you write your SDK in Objective-C so that the people that don’t ship Swift can actually use your SDK.

What does multi-identity mean in the SDK?

Multi-identity is a MAM feature that you can enable to apply a policy on a per-identity level. This requires more app participation than other MAM features. The app must inform the app SDK when it intends to change the active identity.

How to enable the Intune APP SDK for iOS?

Intune regularly releases updates to the Intune App SDK. Regularly check the Intune App SDK for iOS for updates and incorporate into your software development release cycle to ensure your apps support the latest App Protection Policy settings. To enable the Intune App SDK, follow these steps:

How does an Android app interact with other apps?

An Android app typically has several activities. Each activity displays a user interface that allows the user to perform a specific task (such as view a map or take a photo). To take the user from one activity to another, your app must use an Intent to define your app’s “intent” to do something.