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How do I settle my African Bank loan?

How do I settle my African Bank loan?

You can call us for a settlement amount if you want to settle your outstanding balance. Or you can increase your repayment amounts to pay off your Loan or Credit Card quicker. Feel free to call us on and to discuss your options.

How do I check my African Bank loan balance?

Cellphone Banking, for instance, allows you to view your account balance, buy prepaid services and make payments. Simply dial *120*225# to accept the terms and start banking from your phone.

How do you repay a credit card?

You can pay off your credit card by:

  1. Setting up a direct debit.
  2. Using your debit card to pay online or by phone.
  3. Paying in person if your provider has a nearby branch.
  4. Sending a cheque to your credit card provider.
  5. Transferring money from your online banking to your credit card provider.

What was the settlement amount on my African bank account?

I received a sms in Jan, stipulating that my settlement amount on my account is R5403.01, I went to Bears and paid the full amount, I contacted African Bank to make sure that all is in order and I am now paid in full, they informed me that I still owe them -R4000.00.

What happens if I fail to contact African bank?

If you fail to contact the African Bank within 20 business days, your information will be submitted to the credit bureau. Early loan settlement is available and customers are allowed to settle their outstanding balance earlier than the destined loan period. You can also increase the monthly repayments amount to offset the loan quicker.

How much does African bank charge for credit card?

Just after your application has been approved and depending on your credit profile, African Bank will know exactly how much will be allocated to your credit account. And then your monthly service fee will be R68.40 from which you will be charged R5.50 for funds transfer fee into your account.

Which is the best credit card in South Africa?

African Bank is a well-known bank among most in South Africa. Financial services provider that offers their clients convenience banking solutions. African Bank offers quality credit cards that will let you make a statement without saying a single word. The most popular credit card is the African Bank Gold card. With many years of experience.