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How do I reset Windows services to default?

How do I reset Windows services to default?

To do that:

  1. Open an elevated command prompt window by going to: Start > All Programs > Accessories.
  2. In the command window type the following command and press Enter. SFC /SCANNOW.
  3. Wait and do not use your computer until SFC tool checks and fixes the corrupted system files or services.

How do you reset all services?

Restart Windows Service

  1. Open Services. Windows 8 or 10: Open Start screen, type services. msc and press Enter. Windows 7 and Vista: Click on the Start button, type services. msc in search field and press Enter.
  2. In the Services pop-up, select the desired application and click the Restart Service button.

What are the default services for Windows 7?


Name of Service Default Startup Mode Mode
Windows Color System Manual Disabled
Windows Connect Now – Config Registrar Manual Disabled
Windows Defender Automatic Automatic
Windows Driver Foundation – User-mode Driver Framework Automatic Automatic

How to restore default services in Windows 7, 8?

All registry files were tested on Windows 10, but might work on Windows 7 and 8. Some services end with an underscore and random numbers, for example, _458fd or 1a9ceb. Those registry files may not work for you due to the random end names. To open services, press the Windows Key + R, and type in services.msc.

How to restore default Registry in Windows 7?

Right click on the downloaded .reg file and click on Merge. NOTE: If you wish to see what changes will be made by the REG file, then you can right click on the extracted REG file and click on Edit to see the default registry entries that will be added. REG files are just text files.

What to do if you did not delete a default service?

If you did not delete a default service, then you might consider doing a full scan of your system at boot with a program like Windows Defender Offline to help make sure that your system is clean. 1. Click on the Display Name link in the table below of the service that you would like to restore to download it’s .reg file. 2.

How to change default programs in Windows 7?

1 Click the Start menu > Find Default Programs and click it. 2 Choose Associate a file type or protocol with a program. 3 Select the file type or extension you want to associate with a program > Click Change program 4 Choose the program you wish to set as the default program and click OK to confirm.