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How do I reset setInterval?

How do I reset setInterval?

“javascript reset setinterval” Code Answer

  1. function myFn() {console. log(‘idle’);}
  2. var myTimer = setInterval(myFn, 4000);
  3. // Then, later at some future time,
  4. // to restart a new 4 second interval starting at this exact moment in time.
  5. clearInterval(myTimer);
  6. myTimer = setInterval(myFn, 4000);

How to call a function using setInterval?

Here’s the syntax: setInterval(function, interval_in_milliseconds, param1, param2, param3…) Here, interval_in_milliseconds sets the intervals in milliseconds, after the code will execute. param are the optional parameters, which is passend to the function.

What is the return value of setInterval?

The setInterval() returns a numeric, non-zero number that identifies the created timer. You can pass the intervalID to the clearInterval() to cancel the timeout. Note that the setInterval() works like the setTimeout() but it repeatedly executes a callback once every specified delay.

What is setInterval() in JavaScript?

setInterval() The setInterval() method, offered on the Window and Worker interfaces, repeatedly calls a function or executes a code snippet, with a fixed time delay between each call. It returns an interval ID which uniquely identifies the interval, so you can remove it later by calling clearInterval() .

Why is my JavaScript setInterval not working?

So, in other words, your setInterval is running the following JavaScript code: However, func is just a variable (with the value undefined, but that’s sort of irrelevant). So every ten seconds, the JS engine evaluates the variable func and returns undefined. But this doesn’t really do anything.

Which is the first argument of The setInterval function?

So, in other words, your variable func actually will have the value undefined. The function setInterval takes two arguments. The first is the function to be ran every so often, and the second is the number of milliseconds between each time the function is ran. However, the first argument really should be a function, not a string.

What happens when you pass a string to setInterval?

Passing a string to setInterval () (which is usually a bad idea in the first place) causes it to do an eval (“func”). That is essentially the same as a line of javascript like this: func; which does nothing.