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How do I find book sales rank on Amazon?

How do I find book sales rank on Amazon?

Amazon Bestsellers Rank is the number you find beneath the Product Description. Every book on Amazon has an Amazon Bestsellers Rank. Click on any title and then scroll down until you see it. Amazon Best Seller Rank 50,000 to 100,000 – selling close to 1 book a day.

What is a good sales rank for Amazon books?

In general, for books, any rank under 1,000,000 is usually pretty good; the downside is that the really fast sellers are often sold at low margins, so you’ll have to figure that in as well. Make sure you understand the fees.

What percentage does Amazon take from book sales?

15 percent
Here’s what happens to your money when you buy a book through Amazon but from a third-party seller: Amazon gets 15 percent of the total sales price, including shipping, plus a flat rate of $1.85 per item. The rest goes to the third-party seller.

What does Amazon book sales rank mean?

The sales rank is a function of the number of sales of a particular ASIN compared to the number of sales of other ASINs. So sales rank doesn’t tell you the quantity sold of a particular ASIN; it just tells you a relationship among ASINs. The ranks are constantly updating throughout the day.

What is the Amazon best seller rank?

Amazon Best Sellers Rank or BSR is a rank given to Amazon products based on the product’s orders compared to other products in the same category within a given amount of time. The Amazon BSR of a product can be found in the product description section.

How many books does Amazon have for sale?

Amazon currently lists 32.8 million books for sale comprising: Paperbacks 22.9m. Hardcover 8.1M. Kindle 1.2m. Audio CD 351k. Board Books 138k. Audible Audio Books 42k.

How does sales rank works on Amazon?

The Amazon sales rank is a number which is given to an item on the basis of its popularity in a certain category . Amazon sales rank also referred to as Amazon bestseller ranking (BSR) or Best Seller List (BSL). This number shows how well a certain product is selling comparatively to other similar products in the same category. For example, if a product has #1 rank that means it is the most purchased product in that category.

What is the Amazon sales rank?

The Amazon Sales Rank is a number which captures the item’s popularity in a certain category, sales rank exists for all products who are part of a category (some products don’t have a category). The Sales Rank interval can be between 1 and 1 million+.