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How do I change the security Settings on my Microsoft account?

How do I change the security Settings on my Microsoft account?

How to add security info to your Microsoft account

  1. Sign in to your Advanced security options page using your Microsoft Account.
  2. Select Add a new way to sign in or verify then choose how you would like to receive security codes.
  3. We’ll send a security code to confirm.

Where are security Settings in Microsoft account?

Sign in to your Microsoft account. Select Security at the top of the page, and then select Advanced security options.

How do I turn off Microsoft security?

Go to Protect your account and sign in. At the security info change is still pending, select If you didn’t request this, let us know. Or, you changed your mind and want to keep your existing security info, select Cancel this request.

What is Microsoft account security code?

Security info confirms your identity Security info is an alternate contact email address or phone number that you add to your account. If you forget your password, or if someone else is trying to take over your account, we send a verification code to that alternate email or phone number.

How do you turn off Microsoft’s security settings?

Find the Security Essentials icon in your System Tray (usually it’s represented by a little green house with a flag on top). Right-click it and choose Open .

  • Click the Settings tab.
  • Click Real-time protection .
  • Uncheck the box next to Turn on real-time protection (recommended) .
  • Click the Save changes button.
  • How do I Check my security settings?

    Open the “Security” tab to review your wireless network’s security settings. Check the “Show Characters” check box to show the security key.

    How do you verify your Microsoft account?

    You can manually verify your Microsoft Account identity in Windows 10. Follow the steps: Type settings in search bar and click on Accounts. Click on Your account on the left side, and click on the Verify link under “You need to verify your identity.” on the right side. Type your Microsoft account password, and click on OK.

    How do you change your security information on Microsoft account?

    Sign in to your Security basics page with your Microsoft account. Select Update info. Select Add security info then follow the instructions to enter your email or phone number. We’ll send a security code to that new email or phone number. Enter that security code, and then select Next. Your new security info will appear in your list.