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How do I change the display name on my Toshiba office phone?

How do I change the display name on my Toshiba office phone?

Toshiba Name Change (Must be done from Admin phones): Press MODE button below display. Press ADMN. Enter Password 0000 Hold. Display will show PHONE NAME.

How do I change the time on my Toshiba office phone dp5022?

To Set the Time:

  1. Leave the handset on-hook.
  2. Press INT (intercom button, not a line key) and press 652.
  3. Dial in the time in 24-hour clock format HHMMSS. Enter a leading 0 for single digits.
  4. Press # (or RDL) to save the settings.

How do I change the ringtone on my Toshiba phone?

Change Ringer Type

  1. Press the menu/MUTE button in idle mode. The LCD shows the menu. list.
  2. Select Change Ringer Type by the + or – button and press menu/MUTE.
  3. The LCD shows tone types and sounds each one as the + or – button is. pressed.
  4. Press the menu/MUTE button to save the desired tone.

Are there user manuals for the Toshiba dp5022-sdm IP phone?

User Manuals, Guides and Specifications for your Toshiba DP5022-SDM IP Phone. Database contains 1 Toshiba DP5022-SDM Manuals (available for free online viewing or downloading in PDF): Product bulletin .

How do you change the phone name on a Toshiba phone?

Enter Password 0000 Hold. Display will show PHONE NAME. Press Hold. Display will show DN ID. Enter extension to change. Press the second key to backspace and re-enter the name. (To enter a space press the third key under the display). Spell the name using the dial pad on your telephone. Press Hold.

Where is the LCD backlight on a Toshiba ip5000?

For the 4-line LCD telephones: 1. Press Hold+3+6+9(simultaneously). 2. Press the Micbutton. 3. Press the Holdbutton to display the LCD Backlight Setting menu. 4. Press Feature Key 1(FK1: located on the bottom left- hand side row of programmable buttons on the telephone) and choose from one of the selections below:

How to get speed dial names on Toshiba ip5000?

Dial Directory 1. Press DIRsoft key to access the Select Directory menu. 2. Choose the directory you wish to access and use the dial pad to enter the name. The soft keys on the Select Directory are: My = Personal Speed Dial Names EXTR= System Speed Dial Names INTR = Directory Number Names Dial = Cancel directory, get dial tone.