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How do I add terms and conditions to PayPal?

How do I add terms and conditions to PayPal?

How to Add a Disclaimer to a PayPal Invoice

  1. Log in to PayPal with your username and password.
  2. Click the “Request Money” tab.
  3. Click the “Create an Invoice” button.
  4. Review the details under the “Your contact information” section.
  5. Make any adjustments to the “Invoice information” section as required.

How do I customize PayPal smart button?

  1. Layout. Set the style.layout option to determine the button layout when multiple buttons are available:
  2. Color. Set the style.color option to one of these values:
  3. Shape. Set the style.shape option to one of these values:
  4. Size. By default, the button adapts to the size of its container element.
  5. Label.
  6. Tagline.
  7. See also.

How do I add more items to my PayPal cart?

See also View Cart: Open the shopping cart in the merchant window. When a buyer clicks the Add to Cart button, the PayPal shopping cart page opens. The buyer can see the items in the cart and begin check out or click the Continue Shopping button to return to your website and add more items to the cart.

What are the variables in a PayPal button?

Note: HTML button code that you create on the PayPal website includes bn variables with valid PayPal-generated values. These individual item variables specify information about a product or service for Buy Now and Add to Cart buttons, or they specify information about a contribution for Donate buttons.

How does the shopping cart work on PayPal?

PayPal’s Website Payments Shopping Cart is designed to work one way. You add an item to the cart, the shopping cart screen is displayed, from there, you either continue shopping by returning to the web site or checkout. This behavior is by design and there are no features or options to change it.

How to customize your PayPal checkout page settings?

Buyers who have questions during checkout can talk to customer service agents before completing their purchases. For merchants who use the PayPal payments button (PayPal Payments Standard), this option affects only Buy Now, Add to Cart, and Cart Upload checkout pages. Access your custom payment page settings.