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How did Holmes know Miss Stoner had ridden in a dog cart?

How did Holmes know Miss Stoner had ridden in a dog cart?

How does Holmes know Helen Stoner had ridden in a dogcart? She has been seen getting out of the cart by Watson. Her jacket sleeve was splattered with mud. She had dog furs on the bottom of her skirt.

What special bond did Helen and Julia share?

4. What special bond did Helen Stoner and her sister Julia share in “The Adventure of the Speckled Band”? They were co-valedictorians at their school. They had been engaged to brothers.

Why does Holmes wait for a signal from Helen before returning to the scene of the crime?

In “Speckled Band,” why does Holmes wait for a signal before returning to the crime scene? He doesn’t want the criminal to know he is there. He wants to make sure that no one is home. He wants to make sure that everyone is asleep.

Why did Sherlock Holmes feel that Helen Stoner was hiding something from him?

The short answer to this is that Helen Stoner, in the story “The Adventure of the Speckled Band,” comes to see Sherlock Holmes because she fears that someone is going to try to kill her. The longer answer explains why she believes someone wants to do so.

What can you infer from Julia’s last words?

What can you infer from Julia’s last words? It turns out to be a snake. The whistle was Dr. When Julia told Helen about the “speckled band” with her last words, she was not talking about a group of people at all.

Why does Dr Roylott pay a visit to Holmes?

The reason he has come is that he wants to find out what his stepdaughter has been doing. He knows that his stepdaughter has been to see Holmes and he wants to know what she asked Holmes about.

Why did Dr. Roylott spend time in jail?

In “The Adventure of the Speckled Band,” Dr. Roylott spent time in jail after being convicted of beating his Indian butler to death. He narrowly avoided the death penalty and instead was sent to prison for a very long time. After his release, he returned to England “a morose and disappointed man.”

What noise did Julia Stoner hear in the middle of the night before her death?

And sure enough, in the middle of the night, she hears a woman screaming: it’s Julia! Miss Stoner throws open her door; as she does so, she hears the low whistle Julia described, followed by a metal clanging sound.

Who is the Speckled Band final victim?

Dr. Roylott
Dr. Roylott is the final victim in The Adventure of the Speckled Band. In a kind of poetic justice, he is killed by his own snake, the same snake he…

What originally took Helen to see Holmes?

Roylott’s death as well as to the solution of the murder of Julia Stoner two years earlier. Helen Stoner goes to visit Sherlock Holmes because she lives in terror after the strange death of Julia, her sister. “It is not cold which makes me shiver,” said the woman in a low voice, changing her seat as requested.

Why did the snake bite Dr Roylott?

Grimesby Roylott tries to kill his stepdaughter, Helen Stoner, by introducing a deadly snake into her room to bite her. Roylott has already killed Helen’s sister, Julia, in the same way. He presumably would have succeeded in killing Helen in this way as well if she had not hired Sherlock Holmes to investigate.

Why did Holmes visit to Helen Stoner House?

Expert Answers Helen Stoner comes to see Holmes because she wants him to investigate her sister’s death and also because she fears that she will meet the same fate as her sister. Essentially, Helen wants Holmes to figure out how her sister really died.

What is the summary of the Speckled Band?

‘The Speckled Band’, in summary, focuses on the case of Helen Stoner, a woman of thirty who lives with her bullying and domineering stepfather, Sir Grimesby Roylott, at Stoke Moran. She is nervous and fearful when she comes to Baker Street to consult Sherlock Holmes ,…

Who was the Speckled Band in Sherlock Holmes?

The “speckled band” is then understood to refer to the swamp adder snake which lethally bit Roylott and is coiled upon his head when Holmes and Watson enter the room, thus clearing up any lingering misunderstanding over the words on the reader’s part.

What is a speckled band Snake?

The speckled band pertains to the stripes, or bands, on the extremely poisonous snake from India, a swamp adder. Its owner, Sir Grimesby Roylott, killed his wife with this snake which he sent through the ventilator.