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Fun activities to make your summer season mesmerizing

Half summer is already beyond us, and what have you managed to do? The season is in full swing, and that’s your chance to absorb memories and emotions that will fuel you throughout freezing days. Not only that, but it can also help you accumulate friends and spend lots of time in various settings. In this article, we’ll walk you through the top-notch activities that will evoke potent emotions years after your adventures.


Hitchhiking is king. A thumb-up culture may not be prevalent worldwide, but it is exhilarating. You can find tons of books about hitchhiking describing its gems. Take Jack Kerouac and his omnipresent On The Road, for example. While definitely not the best book in his literary heritage–there are way more thrilling and underestimated stories he wrote–it’s known as the quintessence of hitchhiking. And you know what, it sure is! Spontaneous travels to god-forgotten places are usually the most affluent in terms of memories.

More to the point, though, what do you need to embark on the hitchhiking tour? Well, that depends on various factors, such as whether you know the direction of your travel and what you do besides hitching. In other words, you’ll probably need a small budget to book motel rooms. Though not an authentic way to hitchhike, no one will criticize you.

You should carry a tent and pitch it up every time you stop for the night in the middle of nowhere if you want to follow the culture. Importantly, make sure to learn the regulations about tents in the place you are visiting; you wouldn’t like to get a fine because of setting up the tent in the banned area, would you? Oh, and yes, don’t hesitate to use apps like Couchsurfing and Trustroots to look for hosts that can offer you a soft mattress, a warm shower, and a meaningful conversation. You never know what such an interaction can bring.

Documenting your moves

Before delving any deeper, we encourage you to keep a travel log. Documenting your traveling progress in the diary format will help you re-experience those emotions you had when living your best. Take notes in a notebook, take snaps, or record short videos. Having a corpus of data related to your journey will allow you to create something unforgettable once you come back. You can use an animation maker online: create awesome videos now … meaning once you cool down after your fabulous trip.

Going off the grid

Cutting off ties with civilization may sound ludicrous, but there is much more exotic in this move than you can imagine. Moving out somewhere in a cabin in dense wood has various benefits. It rejuvenates your nervous system and brings you back to our civilization roots. While it may put more burden on your shoulders, that is, you will need to work more intensively to prepare food and maintain your satiety level, it will help you recharge your batteries and rest from the hustle and bustle of overcrowded cities.


Hitchhikers would not understand backpackers, but backpacking is another excellent way to spend summer, or better yet, what’s left of it. What is backpacking in the first place? In plain English, it’s traveling on a budget, staying in cheap lodgings, and carrying everything on your shoulders. The great thing about backpacking is that it’s affordable for numerous people. Backpacking may be your go-to if you doubt hitchhiking. All you need is a backpack (obviously). Building an itinerary is fine, though not required. You can always improvise, but remember that going with the flow will be a bit more expensive, as you’ll sometimes need to book things last minute, which usually increases in price.

Going on a bike tour

You don’t necessarily need to leave your house for days to get precious memories and an eye-opening experience. A one or two-day bike tour would suffice to jazz up your summer routine and have some fun. The route and details will range depending on where you are located. Here in the States, we don’t need to think a lot about where to go on a bike tour, as various cycling roads are scattered around the country.

Making a several-day hiking trip

A hiking trip is another outstanding idea to leave things behind, forget about minor things, and take a deep breath. Also, hiking is a recreational activity that brings so many benefits to your health that you can’t simply miss the chance to have one or two such trips during summer. Check the mountains in your proximity and start planning the trip immediately!

Volunteering in an animal shelter

Finally, you can have a fantastic time on the city’s premises. For example, try to volunteer in an animal shelter if your city has one. If you haven’t visited such places before, keep in mind that the cuteness scale is over the top there. So you must be ready to come in handy to such shelters without succumbing to petting animals. You will have enough time to do that either way.


In conclusion, we encourage you to think unconventionally about ways of spending summer, as it will let you make it vibrant and emotion-laden. Were we to boil down the article into one tip, we’d go for the following one: visit off-the-beaten-track places. Don’t let your summer be monotonous, ever.