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Does the sun still have Page 3 Girl?

Does the sun still have Page 3 Girl?

Katie Price, Keeley Hazell and Maria Whittaker were all Page 3 models. Since then, the likes of Samantha Fox, Katie Price, Keeley Hazell and Maria Whittaker have all followed in her footsteps. But fast-forward to January 2015 and the tabloid quietly stopped publishing pictures of topless pin-ups.

Who was the last Page 3 Girl in The Sun?

The former longstanding Star editor Dawn Neesom, who once justified page 3 as something that is “fun and women look at it as much as men”, was last year replaced by Clark, a former Daily Mirror associate editor who has brought a new approach to the job.

What was Page 3 of The Sun?

Page Three in credited in part for helping The Sun become one of the UK’s most successful papers by the mid-’70s. The Daily Mirror and The Star began publishing topless pictures to try to compete, but the Mirror ended the practice the following decade, calling it demeaning to women.

Did the sun get rid of Page 3?

The Sun, Britain’s top-selling newspaper, has scrapped Page 3’s topless women after 44 years, delighting the legion of critics who have branded the photos of bare-breasted models sexist, offensive and anachronistic.

When did Page 3 start in the Sun?

Launched in 1970 in The Sun newspaper, Page 3 brought models such as Sam Fox, Linda Lusardi and Katie Price into the limelight. For all the latest news and stories on The Sun’s former Page 3 girls, look no further. Can you guess who this is after a model transformation?

Who was the Page 3 girl in the Sun?

The couple popped into a less glamorous hardware store, but remained all smiles as she held her dog as they went shopping. The star was spotted recently on her birthday with her long-time partner Lee Anderson enjoying a bit of lunch. The age-defying star rose to fame at the age of 18 in 1986 as a topless Page 3 girl in The Sun newspaper.

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When did the Sun put bare breasts on Page 3?

IN 1970, the year The Beatles split and 18-year-olds voted for the first time, The Sun became the first paper to put bare breasts on Page 3. The daring decision changed British newspapers, and society, forever.