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Does the BackJoy really work?

Does the BackJoy really work?

BackJoy has provided relief in all the right spots making it much more comfortable for me getting up from a seated position as well as getting out of the driver’s seat with limited pain, compared to the difficult pain I always had without the BackJoy products. For me, the BackJoy products are worth the investment.

How much is BackJoy in the Philippines?

Top Backjoy Price List 2021

Top 10 products Price
BackJoy Us:L Bjsst001 Posture Core Black Sit ₱ 3,217.00
Backjoy Angel Traction (Midnight Blue) ₱ 3,500.00
Backjoy Core Traction Posture Seat Cushion (Blue) For Men And Women ₱ 3,816.00
Backjoy Posture Core Seat Cushion (Pink) For Men And Women ₱ 3,432.00

What should I look for in lumbar support?

What to Look for in a Lumbar Support Pillow

  • Memory Foam. The majority of lumbar support pillows are made with memory foam for a good reason: it’s the perfect blend of soft and firm support.
  • Washable Cover.
  • Size and Adjustability.

Is the backjoy core good for back pain?

BackJoy will not cure your back-pain but will relieve the pressure and strain that aggravate back-pain when you sit. The Back Joy Core – Back Orthotic device is one of the best devices for back pain and posture correction. The back joy forces you to sit up straight and makes your back and core muscles become stronger.

Can a backjoy sitsmart help with back pain?

Back pain is one of the common ailments caused by poor posture. In my quest to get rid of my poor posture, I bought a BackJoy SitSmart Posture Plus Support from Amazon. According to the manufacturer, the product provides lower back pain relief and lumbar support. Moreover, it will enable you to sit in the correct posture.

Who is the company behind the backjoy chair?

The company behind BackJoy Posture Support Chair is known as BackJoy. This American company’s tag is “Relieve, Align, Improve”. The tag is used to promote most posture support products manufactured by Backjoy. The company’s mission is to help people eliminate back pain.

Which is the best backjoy posture seat to buy?

Among the popular BackJoy posture seats is the SitSmart range ( SitSmart Posture Plus and SitSmart Traction). Other posture products from the company include Back Massager, Ergonomic WheelChair Sit and the Backjoy Bath Seat. I bought the SitSmart Posture Plus and this is what I will be focusing on in this review.