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Does Heather Whitestone use sign language?

Does Heather Whitestone use sign language?

Her mother then was determined for her daughter to learn how to speak. She enrolled Heather in dance classes, hoping that learning rhythm would help her learn speech. Because of this emphasis on speech, Heather did not learn American Sign Language until her senior year in high school.

Where did Heather Whitestone go to college?

CID – Central Institute for the Deaf
Jacksonville State UniversityHoover High School
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Why is Heather Whitestone deaf?

Ms. Whitestone, who became deaf when she was 18 months old after a reaction to a diphtheria-pertussis-tetanus shot, has 5 percent hearing in her left ear. A junior at Jacksonville State University, she reads lips, uses a hearing aid and knows sign language.

How did Heather Whitestone become a Miss America?

While competing in the Miss America competition, she gained respect from people both inside and outside of the hearing community. Whitestone was not deaf from birth but was deafened at 18 months of age due to a form of influenza. Despite her loss of hearing, she attended public school and learned to speak…

How old was Heather Whitestone when she became deaf?

Heather was born in Alabama on February 24, 1973. When she was eighteen months old, she came down with influenza and became deaf. Her doctor told her mother, Ms. Gray, that Heather would not make it past the third grade.

What are the books that Heather Whitestone has written?

She has written three books, Listening With My Heart (which tells how she overcame challenges through self-reliance, hard work, and faith), Believing The Promise, and Let God Surprise You (which encourages people to let God surprise them, even with what may seem impossible).

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