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Do Golden Cuckoo Marans have feathered legs?

Do Golden Cuckoo Marans have feathered legs?

This breed truly is a perfect example of sustainable poultry. And as their name suggests, French Feather Legged Cuckoo Marans Chickens have feathering up the outside of their legs. Note that some individuals will not have the feathered legs, although they will carry the genetics for it.

What color legs do Cuckoo Maran chickens have?

pinkish white
The Cuckoo variety of Marans resembles the Plymouth Barred Rock — with its dark feathers barred with irregular dark and light slate colored bars. Unlike the French Black Copper Marans which has lightly feathered legs, the Cuckoo Marans has clean, pinkish white legs.

What color egg’s do Cuckoo Marans lay?

dark brown
The egg basket colors would be stunning. They will lay around 150 dark brown, almost chocolate eggs a year. This breed is generally friendly and will make a great addition to your backyard chicken flock.

What kind of feathers do Marans chickens have?

Marans chickens have what’s called tight or hard feathering. This type of feathering is typically found on game birds—the feathers are short, narrow, and somewhat rigid without much fluff.

How old do French cuckoo Maran chicks get?

The females starting laying at 5 months of age. The rooster is easy going and gets along fine playing second fiddle to a more aggressive black copper maran rooster. I had purchased 15 chicks and 4 or 5 female french maran chicks.

What kind of chicken does not have feathers on its legs?

One type has feathers on its legs and feet. Today, these are called “French Marans.” The strains that do not carry feathers on their legs are known today as “English Marans” or sometimes just “Marans.” The English Marans was once more common in America than the French Marans.

How did the Maran chicken get its name?

Marans are named after their town of origin, a place called Marans, in France. The breed was developed in the late 1800s by mixing a number of breeds with local game-type birds.