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Did Jennifer Jones win an Olympic medal?

Did Jennifer Jones win an Olympic medal?

‘A role model’ Jones has won everything there is to win in women’s curling, including two world titles a decade apart in 2008 and 2018. Jones, third Kaitlyn Lawes, second Jill Officer and lead Dawn McEwen went undefeated en route to an Olympic gold medal in 2014.

How many Olympic medals does Jennifer Jones have?

Jennifer Jones has competed as a skip in the Canadian women’s curling championship, the Scotties Tournament of Hearts, 15 times. She is tied for the record with six gold medals….Accomplishments.

Scotties Tournament of Hearts Champion 2005, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2015, 2018
Olympic Gold Medallist 2014
Masters Champion 2017

Is Brent Laing married to Jennifer Jones?

Personal life. Laing is married to another champion curler, Jennifer Jones from Manitoba. They have two children together, Isabella and Skyla. Laing also has a child from a previous relationship.

What is Jennifer Jones occupation?

Jennifer Jones/Professions

Who is Jennifer Jones husband?

Brent Laing
Jennifer Jones/Husband

Jones is married to former world champion curler Brent Laing from Ontario; they have two daughters. Their first daughter Isabella was born prematurely on 13 November 2012 in Barrie, Ontario.

Who is replacing Lisa weagle?

It all began with Canada’s Rachel Homan, whose team announced they had fired perennial all-star lead Lisa Weagle and replaced her with former Team Chelsea Carey third Sarah Wilkes, who now throws second stones.

What happened Jill Officer?

Officer was previously a reporter for the now defunct CKX TV station in Brandon, Manitoba. She currently resides in Winnipeg, Manitoba with her husband Devlin Hinchey, they have a daughter, Camryn. Officer studied Communications and Journalism/Broadcasting at Red River College.

How old is Colleen Jones?

61 years (December 16, 1959)
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Does Brent Laing have a son?

Wil Friesen-Laing
Brent Laing/Sons

How much is Jennifer Jones curler worth?

Quick Facts

Full name Jennifer Judith Jones
Social Media Twitter, Instagram
Net Worth $1 million- $5 million
Curling Equipment Curling Broom, Shoes
Last update 2021

Is Kaitlyn Lawes still curling?

Lesley Kaitlyn Lawes (born December 16, 1988) is a Canadian curler. Lawes plays third for the Jennifer Jones team that represented Canada at the 2014 Winter Olympics where they won the gold medal….Kaitlyn Lawes.

Women’s curling
Representing Canada
2014 Sochi Women’s
2018 Pyeongchang Mixed doubles
World Championships

Is Lisa weagle still married?

Weagle is married to Robin Guy.

When did Jennifer Jones win a gold medal in curling?

Jones and her squad were the first Manitoba based curling team to win an Olympic gold medal. They won the 2008 World Women’s Curling Championship, and were the last Canadian women’s team to do so until Rachel Homan in 2017. She won a second world championship in 2018.

Who was the first female curler to win an Olympic gold medal?

Jones is the first female skip to go through the Games undefeated. The only male skip to achieve this was fellow Canadian Kevin Martin in 2010. Jones and her squad were the first Manitoba based curling team to win an Olympic gold medal.

When did Jennifer Jones win her first championship?

Jones came to national prominence at the 2005 Scott Tournament of Hearts when she won her first Canadian title thanks to “The Shot”, a difficult in-off that scored her four points on her final stone. The team went on to finish fourth at the world championships.

When did Jennifer Jones win the Scotties Tournament of Hearts?

Jones began the 2014–15 curling season by winning the 2014 Curlers Corner Autumn Gold Curling Classic grand slam event. Later, Jones went undefeated in the 2015 Manitoba Scotties Tournament of Hearts, and represented Manitoba in the 2015 Scotties Tournament of Hearts, which she won.