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Did Duncan Edwards survive?

Did Duncan Edwards survive?

One of eight players who died as a result of the Munich air disaster, he survived initially but succumbed to his injuries in hospital two weeks later….Club.

Club Manchester United
Season 1955–56
Football League First Division Apps 33
Goals 3
FA Cup Apps 0

What shirt number was Duncan Edwards?

Duncan Edwards

57/58 6

Why was Duncan Edwards so good?

He was a players’ player. The greatest… there was only one and that was Duncan Edwards.” Edwards was revered for his all-round game and versatility, and how he could excel at almost every position on the pitch, whether it was centre-half, centre-forward, inside forward or half-back.

How old was Duncan Edwards?

21 years (1936–1958)
Duncan Edwards/Age at death

Who was Duncan Edwards in the Manchester United team?

Duncan Edwards. Duncan Edwards (1 October 1936 – 21 February 1958) was an English footballer who played for Manchester United and the England national team. He was one of the Busby Babes, the young United team formed under manager Matt Busby in the mid-1950s, playing 177 matches for the club.

How did Duncan Edwards die in the plane crash?

Returning home from Belgrade on 6 February 1958, the aeroplane carrying Edwards and his teammates crashed on takeoff after a refuelling stop in Munich, Germany. Seven players and 14 other passengers died at the scene, and Edwards was taken to the Rechts der Isar Hospital with multiple leg fractures, fractured ribs and severely damaged kidneys.

Where did Duncan Edwards live at the time of his death?

At the time of his death Edwards was living in lodgings in Gorse Avenue, Stretford. He was engaged to be married to Molly Leech, who was 22 years old and worked in the offices of a textile machine manufacturer in Altrincham.

When did Duncan Edwards sign his first professional contract?

Joe Mercer, who was then coaching the England schools team, urged Busby to sign Edwards, who was also attracting interest from Wolverhampton Wanderers and Aston Villa. Edwards signed for United as an amateur on 2 June 1952, but accounts of when he signed his first professional contract vary.