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Did Choji kill Jirobo?

Did Choji kill Jirobo?

Yes, Choji killed Jirobo. The Sound ninja overwhelmed Choji at first, but he used the Akimichi clan’s special Three Coloured Pills to buff his own strength and take Jirobo out. Choji tells Jirobo while he punches him out that you can make fun of his weight, but you can’t make fun of his best friend Shikamaru.

Who kills Jirobo?

Jirōbō being killed by Chōji. Jirōbō then advanced his cursed seal to its second stage, giving him enough strength to lift the giant Chōji and knock him in the air.

What chapter does Choji fight Jirobo?

Episode 113 – 116: Choji vs Jirobo, Neji vs.

How did kimimaro die?

However Gaara managed to distract Kimimaro and grabbed his feet, explaining that as long as he had his sand, he could create more with it. Kimimaro was then crushed by a huge wave of sand from Gaara, but created a layer of bone underneath his flesh to protect himself.

How did Choji get jirobo to die?

Jirobo was forced to open his cursed seal to fend off his opponent, and even when his strength was at its greatest with the second stage of the seal open, an enraged Choji managed to kill him after consuming the third pill for insulting Shikamaru, eating his last chip and the Third Hokage’s death.

What kind of jutsu does jirobo use?

He was indirectly responsible for leading the Third Hokage’s death, who used the Fourth Hokage’s forbidden technique to prevent Orochimaru from using techniques. He is a large teenage boy who can use earth style jutsu, and like the other members of the Sound Four, liked to call his opponents “trash” and generally taunt them.

Why did jirobo call Shikamaru fat during the Battle?

Jirobo took pleasure in taunting Choji during their battle, calling him fat and further insulting Shikamaru. Choji had happened to bring his “secret weapon” to the fight, which happened to be three colored pills that increased his strength exponentially.

How is jirobo a good Shinobi to have?

Jirobo was a very powerful shinobi, strong enough for Orochimaru pick him as one of his elite bodyguards. He was able to easily defeat Genma and Raido, alongside his fellow Sound Four, and easily overpower several Genin without trouble.