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Can you use OverDrive on a NOOK?

Can you use OverDrive on a NOOK?

With the new OverDrive app, users of NOOK HD, NOOK HD+, NOOK Tablet and NOOK Color can wirelessly borrow eBooks and MP3 audiobooks from the library. “With the OverDrive app for NOOK, readers can simply browse, checkout and download both eBooks and MP3 audiobooks,” said David Burleigh, OverDrive’s director of marketing.

How do I put OverDrive on my NOOK?

Go to the library’s digital site at: Search for books in the ePub format (PDF will work too). Once you’ve found the book you want to check out, click “add to eCart.” Proceed from your eCart to Checkout within 30 minutes or the title will expire to become available for other users.

Can I download books from the library to my NOOK?

Once you have borrowed and downloaded an eBook from your Local Library and sideloaded it to your NOOK Tablet/NOOK Color using Adobe Digital Editions, you will then be able to read your title via the My Files section of your device’s library. Wake up and unlock your NOOK. …

Can I get Libby on my NOOK?

If you have a NOOK, Kobo, or similar ereader, you can download Libby books on a computer, then use Adobe Digital Editions (ADE) to transfer them to your device: Open the file in ADE and transfer the book to your ereader. (Learn how using this article from OverDrive Help.)

How do you use Overdrive on Nook?

Overdrive isn’t yet available for the NOOK Tablet . If and when it is, look for an app that you can install on your device. And then it will work like this: Download and install the Overdrive app on your NOOK Tablet. Start Overdrive. With your NOOK Tablet, go to a store or library where you have an account.

How do I Find my NOOK app?

If you’re on a NOOK device, NOOK Apps are displayed in your Library and behind the “NOOK Apps” icon in the App Tray. If you are using the NOOK® Reading App for Android™, you can find your apps under the “Everything Else” section header.

Does overdrive work on Nook?

NOOK HD and HD+, use only the original OverDrive app via the Google Play store on the device. If you’re using an older NOOK tablet (NOOK Color or NOOK Tablet) you can no longer install the OverDrive app on your device.

How do you download overdrive?

Go to in your web browser. When you get there, scroll to the bottom of the screen, and under the “Using OverDrive” heading, click Download the App. On the page you’re taken to, scroll almost to the bottom of the screen, and click Download for Windows Desktop.