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Can you put drywall directly on basement ceiling joists?

Can you put drywall directly on basement ceiling joists?

Yes you can, but it is not always easy to do. The joists may not be perfectly spaced and you only have a 1-1/2 inch target for attaching two edges of the drywall. It also allows for a perfect layout 16 or 24 inches on centre. …

How much does it cost to drywall a ceiling in the basement?

It costs about $1,700 to build and drywall a basement ceiling. Professional contractors will often include the price of ceiling drywall in the room drywalling and framing costs as part of the entire project. Some municipalities may require specific measurements for basement ceilings to be up to code.

Do you need furring strips for drywall ceiling?

If you’re hanging drywall on new ceiling joists, you probably won’t need furring strips. Standard drywall panels attach directly to the joists with drywall screws. If the ceiling is old, however, and you don’t want to remove the existing ceiling finish, furring strips can provide a solid base.

How do you install drywall in a basement?

When installing basement drywall, never begin in the center of the wall. Choose one corner of the room and start attaching the sheets. A power drill should then be used to install drywall screws on the plates and studs. This process should be continued until the entire basement wall is covered.

What is the best ceiling for a basement?

There are two ceiling types commonly found in a basement: drywall and drop tile or a suspended ceiling. Drop-tile ceilings are the most common choice because of their ease of installation and ability to grant access to plumbing and wiring. Drywall ceilings aren’t as common as drop tiles but are often more aesthetically pleasing to homeowners.

What size of drywall do you use for ceilings?

The thicker ⅝” drywall is the standard for ceilings. You don’t want to use ½” or ⅜” for ceilings, as over time it will sag downwards in between rafters. Also, ⅝” is the standard thickness for fire-resistant or fire-code drywall, commonly found in garages.

How do you hang drywall by yourself?

If you have to hang drywall ceilings by yourself, attach a scrap piece of 2×4 to the wall. It should be about 3/4″ from the bottom of the joist. That way you can hoist the drywall over your head, rest it on the 2×4 and secure the drywall to the joists.