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Can vanilla extract be shipped?

Can vanilla extract be shipped?

A note about shipping: It is illegal to mail alcohol through the USPS. I’m definitely not telling you to do it. But if you mail yours through other carriers (or just break the law), make sure you wrap your vanilla in several layers of bubble wrap and they should survive the trip without worry.

Is it cheaper to make your own vanilla extract?

Not only is it cheaper, but the flavor is worlds apart from your average extract. Making your own vanilla extract is one of the easiest things you can do, and it can save you loads of money verses the stuff sold in stores.

Can I make vanilla extract in a plastic container?

Glass container with a lid: If you don’t have glass you can also use your stainless steel water bottle or a plastic container, as long as it has a lid. Yup, that’s it for “equipment”!

How many times can vanilla beans be used to make vanilla extract?

Ingredients and timing for vanilla extract I recommend using 2 vanilla beans here, but honestly, you could certainly use more. It takes about 6-8 weeks for your extract to develop a dark color and really good flavor. As it ages, the flavor will only improve.

How to make your own homemade vanilla extract?

How To Make Vanilla Extract (Homemade Vanilla) 1 SLICE. Slice each bean once long-ways and place in bottle. 2 POUR. Pour one cup of vodka, rum or alcohol of your choice… 3 SHAKE. Shake once or twice a week – for best results, shimmy to the beat… 4 WAIT. Presto, your alcohol has turned into delicious vanilla!

How long does it take for vanilla extract to work?

Make sure the vanilla beans are submerged under the alcohol otherwise any exposed parts can become slimy and potentially ruin your extract. Place the extract in a dark, cool place, shaking occasionally for the first few weeks. The extract “can” be used in as little as 8 weeks but it won’t have reached optimal potency.

How to use free labels for vanilla extract?

Apply the FREE vanilla extract labels by printing them on label paper or by gluing them onto the bottles. If printing on the labels, make sure your printer is set to 100% and not “fit to page” which make shrink or stretch labels. You should give the vanilla a little shake every now and then for the next couple of months as it sits.

How much does double fold vanilla extract cost?

Double-fold vanilla extract uses 23 ounces of beans per gallon. And those come with an even bigger price tag. But here’s the good news: You can make your own double fold vanilla extract at around the same price as quality store-bought single fold vanilla extract.