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Can an employer prohibit employees from smoking?

Can an employer prohibit employees from smoking?

“It is acceptable to impose reasonable smoking restrictions while at work or in rented premises without offending the Anti-Discrimination Act.” “But employees and job candidates are protected by Anti-Discrimination laws,” Ms Toy said.

What rights do non smokers have in the workplace?

Employment Discrimination In many states, nonsmokers sensitive to tobacco smoke are considered “handicapped” and entitled to effective or reasonable accommodation. Smoking in the workplace must be completely eliminated if that is the only effective means of protecting nonsmokers.

How do you implement a no smoking policy at work?

Include proper disposal rules and provide receptacles in the designated area. State clearly that extra breaks to smoke are not permitted and that designated areas are only to be used before work, after work or during lunch.

Do you have to provide a smoking area at work?

Legally, an employer does not need to provide a designated smoking area. The law concerning smoke-free workplaces bans smoking in all enclosed workplaces and public places that are enclosed or substantially enclosed (with some exemptions).

Why are smoke free workplaces legal in NSW?

Legal reasons: There are a number of legal reasons for introducing a smoke- free workplace policy: Under the NSW Occupational Health and Safety Act 2000, employers are required to ensure the health, safety and welfare of their employees at work.

What is smoke free policy at State Library of NSW?

Smoke-Free Workplace Policy Smokefree workplace policy v1.0 2015-12-08 4/5. 6. Procedures 6.1 Smoking Areas The Library requires all its workers who wish to smoke to move away from the building precinct and its surrounds. Workers & clients are not permitted to smoke within four metres of an entrance to the building or the café.

Is it legal for non smokers to smoke at work?

For example, smokers can be required to pay more for their company health insurance and some localities have banned e-cigarettes at work. Non-smokers also have legal rights that relate to smoking and smoking areas in the workplace. To learn more about smoking and the workplace, read below: Do I have the right to smoke at work?

What kind of smoking is allowed at UNSW?

The Smoke-Free Environment Policy will apply to all forms of tobacco smoking, including cigarettes, cigars and water pipe tobacco smoking.