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Can a Gatso speed camera catch you from the front?

Can a Gatso speed camera catch you from the front?

Answer: Gatso speed cameras target and capture motorists when driving away from the camera, they capture the rear number plate. If you were driving towards the camera, flash from the front, you have nothing to worry about. Gatso cameras have been known to flash by themselves for no apparent reason.

Can a camera flash you from the front?

MYTH: SPEED CAMERAS CAN’T CLOCK YOU FROM THE OTHER SIDE OF THE ROAD. While fixed speed cameras may not be able to catch motorists on the other side of the road, mobile police cameras – namely, manually operated radar guns – can certainly do this.

Does a Gatso speed camera flash?

The most commonly encountered Gatso speed cameras emit radar beams to measure the speed of a passing vehicle. These use a powerful flash, to show the rear of the vehicle, its registration plate, and calibration lines on the road (in many jurisdictions).

Can forward-facing speed cameras flash?

Unlike Gatsos, it doesn’t flash. Instead, it uses infra-red technology, so the forward-facing installations won’t momentarily blind any motorists with a bright light. Using four sensors that are hidden in the road surface, it can calculate at what speed a vehicle is travelling when it passes the camera.

Why are the Gatso speed cameras always rear facing?

The Gatso uses a powerful flash to show the rear of the vehicle, its registration plate, and white painted calibration lines on the roads surface. Gatso speed cameras are always rear facing. The reason for this is that the speed cameras ‘flash’ will not blind oncoming motorists.

How does the Gatso meter safety camera work?

The Gatso meter safety camera is a rear facing camera and as such can only succesfully obtain a vehicles speed when driving past the Gatso. In other words if a Gatso speed camera is on the opposite side of the road and is pointing towards you it cannot record or catch you speeding.

How does Gatso work on different speed limits?

Gatso can differentiate between different speed limits for different vehicles. For example cars, caravans and HGV’s have different speed limits and the camera will measure the vehicles length and impose the correct speed limit for each vehicle.

Is the Gatso speed camera on Burnham Road Dartford Kent?

Answer: The speed camera you triggered is a Gatso speed camera. Gatso cameras are calibrated to record the rear of a passing vehicle, as you were driving towards it. Therefore, you should have nothing to worry about. Question: Why does a Gatso camera on Burnham Road Dartford Kent flash when your coming towards it traveling westbound?