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Are 996 Turbos going up in value?

Are 996 Turbos going up in value?

Worldwide there were 20,499 Porsche 996 Turbos made, along with 1563 Turbo S models. Despite the high numbers produced, the Porsche 996 Turbo is likely to go up in value in the future. Amazingly, when you consider the value of other Porsche 911 Turbos, they can still be picked up for well under $60,000 / £40,000.

What is the difference between Carrera and Turbo?

Carrera 4. Put a 4 on the name after Carrera and you get four-wheel drive. Turbo models are also four-wheel drive but don’t get a ‘4’ in the name. All-wheel drive Carrera models used to be wider than their rear-driven siblings, but since the arrival of the 992, all models share the same shell.

Is a Porsche 996 A Good Investment?

The 996 911 is still making good money. However, the problems with the 996 are so well known, that a bargain basement car with higher mileage could still be a worthwhile investment, provided you are prepared to spend a little money straightening out the known issues. Don’t buy an early automatic transmission 996!

What’s the price of a Porsche 996 Carrera?

The Carrera 4S might be the 996 for you. It splits the difference, using the 320-horsepower Carrera drivetrain and the body and chassis of the Turbo. No, there’s no big wing out back, but we guarantee you’ll still be having a good time. The 4S adds around $5000 to $10,000 to the price of a base Carrera in comparable condition.

Which is better the 996 turbo or the 997 Carerra?

Though the 996 does have a couple of fans, the answer seems clear. The general consensus is the 997 is the choice to make here. Though, we certainly can’t discredit the 996. In it’s prime, it was cutting edge.

Is the Porsche 996 the same as the 911?

Today though, any such accusations as to its cumbersome proportions are emphatically washed away. Park a 996 Carrera next to a comparatively barge-like 991 and the 996 will look delightfully petite, humble even. Just like a classic, air-cooled 911, dare I say.

What’s the difference between normal 996 and GT3?

996 Series (Carrera, Carrera 4, Carrera 4S, Targa) Differences between normal 996 and GT3? The community is Member supported!   Please consider an ANNUAL donation to help keep this site operating. Click here to Donate

Is Porsche 997 Turbo a supercar?

The thing that makes the Turbo so great is not just its impressive power or even its mind-warping acceleration, it’s that even though it’s a proper supercar, it’s also super-civilised and can easily be used every day. …

Is the 996 Turbo a supercar?

What the motoring press said about the Porsche 996 Turbo. “With four-wheel drive, a water-cooled engine, a smooth new bodyshell and radically updated cabin, it was a thoroughly sophisticated, all-weather, all-road supercar.

What is the difference between a 996 and 997?

However, the most notable aesthetic difference between the 997 and the 996 was the return to oval headlights like those of pre-996 Carreras, with separate indicator units. The interior was re-designed with new controls; however, it was more reminiscent of classic 911 interiors than of the outgoing 996.

Is a 996 worth buying?

The thing is, though, that despite its faults, the 996 wasn’t as bad as many make it out to be. Today it represents pretty good value on the used car market, especially while air-cooled cars continue to trend upwards in price.

Are 997 Turbos reliable?

The majority of the car is generally reliable and has a near timeless look. With the launch of a new 992 platform, prices for the 997 have been driven even lower. This is a super value for money, everyday super car that has excellent reliability.

How fast is a 997 Turbo?


Engine Flat-six, 3600cc, 24v, turbo
Max power 534bhp @ 6740rpm
Max torque 546lb ft @ 3620rpm
0-60 3.7sec
Top speed 200mph (claimed)

What engine is in the 996 Turbo?

3.6-litre flat-6
The Turbo is powered by a water-cooled twin-turbocharged and intercooled 3.6-litre flat-6 engine derived from the 1998 Le Mans winning 911 GT1 race car. The engine is rated at 309 kW (420 PS; 414 hp) at 6,000 rpm and 415 lb⋅ft (563 N⋅m) of torque.

Are all 996 Turbos AWD?

And, in addition to a 6-speed manual or optional 5-speed automatic, all 996 Turbos came with all-wheel drive. 0-60 came in less than 4 seconds. To help with high-speed stability, US models had an electronically-adjusting rear spoiler.

Is the Porsche 996 the same as the 997?

The 996 was a successful launch which allowed Porsche to continue and let the 911 go on into the 21st century with the 997. With the 997, Porsche used the opportunity to address many of the criticisms that 996 faced although under the skin it was largely the same as the 996.

Do you mean 997 C2S or C4s?

Thanks, do you mean 997c4s, thats what im looking at. How was the 2s in the wet? As a driver of a C2S for the past 12 months I have been amazed by the levels of grip even in the wet…..with the right setup I can’t see why anyone would need a 4S…..I would also guess on track the 2 wheel drive would continue to be the better bet……

Which is better 911 996 or 997 Carerra?

Unquestionably, the dated looks of the 996 in comparison to the 997 come up among 911 enthusiasts quite frequently. “997 for sure. Interior and Exterior styling are much more to my liking. Many other items are improved or more modern as well,” says user Anewman.

Can you use four wheel drive on a Porsche 4s?

You can use power delivery on the 4S to use the four wheel drive system effectively as the power transfer is electro mechanically controlled and for most of the time is RWD. My choice of AWD simply down to levels of grip and roadholding as well as getting the power down more effectively.