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Why did Tracy Beaker Leave The Dumping Ground?

Why did Tracy Beaker Leave The Dumping Ground?

In the final episode of Tracy Beaker returns, Tracy decided to leave the DG because she became a fully qualified careworker in a different care home.

Does Tracy appear in The Dumping Ground?

Tracy does not make an appearance in The Dumping Ground until the 6th series’ finale, but she is mentioned on a few occasions by other characters.

What comes first dumping ground or Tracy Beaker Returns?

The series stars Dani Harmer as protagonist Tracy Beaker….

Tracy Beaker Returns
Original release 8 January 2010 – 23 March 2012
Preceded by The Story of Tracy Beaker
Followed by The Dumping Ground My Mum Tracy Beaker

Where was the Dumping Ground in Tracy Beaker?

Like in Tracy Beaker Returns, the former La Sagesse school was used for The Dumping Ground set and the first series was filmed in summer 2012. Additional scenes are shot across the North East of England.

How many series of Tracy Beaker are there?

The series is based on the book of the same name by Jacqueline Wilson. It ran on for five series from 2002 to 2005. The series was followed by Tracy Beaker Returns that ran for three series from 2010 to 2012 and then The Dumping Ground that has aired since 2013.

Where does Frank from Tracy Beaker live now?

Tracy Beaker Returns: Series 2 After the protest to keep Elm Tree House open resulted in its temporary closure, Frank was sent to live with his grandfather. He returned to the Dumping Ground the day it re-opened, where he was greeted by Liam.

Are there any other books like The Dumping Ground?

For other books, series and films in the Tracy Beaker franchise, see The Story of Tracy Beaker (franchise). The Dumping Ground: I’m…