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Who won the Ohio State Penn State game in 2014?

Who won the Ohio State Penn State game in 2014?

26, 2014, Ohio State defeated Penn State in double-overtime, 31-24. Initially, the Buckeyes went ahead 17-0, but the Nittany Lions clawed their way back into it. They hit a field goal with nine seconds remaining to force overtime. However, J.T.

When was the last time Ohio State loss to Penn State?

February 28, 2017
Winless in their last two visits to Penn State, their last road victory against the Nittany Lions came back on February 28, 2017. It was the last of Thad Matta’s program-record 337 wins for Ohio State.

When has Penn State beat Ohio State?

Game results

No. Date Winning team
31 October 17, 2015 # 1 Ohio State
32 October 22, 2016 Penn State
33 October 28, 2017 # 6 Ohio State
34 September 29, 2018 # 4 Ohio State

What was the score of the Penn State Ohio State game?

In 2017, the sixth-ranked Buckeyes hosted #2 Penn State. The Nittany Lions came into the game with best scoring defense in the country, allowing only 9.6 points per game, against an Ohio State team that led the Big 10 in scoring. Ultimately the Buckeyes overcame a 28–10 deficit to win, 39–38, scoring the winning touchdown with 1:48 in the game.

When was the first Ohio State Ohio State game?

The first ever match-up was held in Columbus, Ohio in November 1912. Penn State, coming off an 8–0–1 season in 1911, shut out Ohio State, 37–0. The game is officially recorded as a forfeit by Ohio State. The first contest held in State College, Pennsylvania was in 1976 where Ohio State beat Penn State, 12–7.

When did Penn State and Ohio State Meet?

Following the 1980 Fiesta Bowl, Penn State and Ohio State did not meet again until Penn State joined the Big Ten in 1993. From 1993 through 2000, Ohio State won 5 of 8 games. Ohio State won the first conference meeting, 24–6.

When did Ohio State last lose to Penn State?

Game results No. Date Winning team Losing team Losing team 1 November 16, 1912 37 Ohio State 0 2 October 20, 1956 7 #5 Ohio State 6 3 November 9, 1963 10 #10 Ohio State 7 4 November 7, 1964 27 #2 Ohio State 0