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Who were the famous Art Deco designers?

Who were the famous Art Deco designers?

Here are just some of the most famous art deco style designers you should know about:

  • Émile-Jacques Ruhlmann. Image Credit: 1stdibs.
  • Süe Et Mare (Louis Süe and André Mare) Image Credit: Maison Gerard.
  • Eugene Printz. Image Credit: 1stdibs.
  • Armand-Albert Rateau.
  • René-Jules Lalique.
  • Eileen Gray.
  • Jean Perzel.
  • Edgar Brandt.

Which is the largest Art Deco?

Estimated by some to have the world’s largest number of Art Deco buildings after Miami, Mumbai boasts entire city blocks of Deco office buildings and rows of residences with uniquely Indian flourishes that came to be known as Deco Saracenic.

Who was the most famous art deco artist?

A.M. Cassandre, one of the most influential poster artists and graphic designers in the Art Deco style, created this poster for the French liqueur Pivolo Aperitif in 1924.

Who was an important part of the Art Deco movement?

Parisian department stores and fashion designers also played an important part in the rise of Art Deco. Established enterprises such as silverware firm Christofle, glass designer René Lalique, and the jewelers Louis Cartier and Boucheron, who all began designing products in more modern styles.

Who was the youngest French Art Deco designer?

Djo Bourgeois was part of the youngest generation of French Art Deco designers who were subsequently attracted to the ethics and aesthetics of Modernism towards the end of the 1920s. Born in Bezons (Seine et Oise), Djo Bourgeois graduated from the Ecole Speciale d’Architecture in 1922.

Where did the term Art Deco come from?

Art Deco originated in Paris. In 1925, the French government sponsored a large exhibition to promote decorative arts and French luxury goods to the world, and the name of the show, Exposition Internationale des Arts Décoratifs et Industriels Modernes, is where the name Art Deco originated.