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Who was the highest ranking general killed in ww2?

Who was the highest ranking general killed in ww2?

He attained the rank of lieutenant general during his life; he was killed in action during World War II, and received a posthumous promotion to general….

Lesley J. McNair
Allegiance United States of America
Service/branch United States Army
Years of service 1904–1944
Rank Lieutenant General General (posthumous)

Were any generals killed in Vietnam?

​ Ware became the second United States Army general officer to die in the Vietnam War, after Brigadier General Alfred Judson Force Moody died of a heart attack in South Vietnam on 19 March 1967. On 25 October 1968, Ware was posthumously awarded the Distinguished Service Cross.

Who was the last American to die in World War 2?

. Anthony Marchione
Nineteen-year-old Sgt. Anthony Marchione succumbed to his wounds, the last of more than 407,000 Americans to die in World War II. He is buried in Pottstown, Pennsylvania.

Who was the last US General to die in combat?

Major General John A.B. Dillard, Jr.The last time an Army general was killed in combat overseas, Richard Nixon was in the White House and the Vietnam War was still ­raging.

When was the last time a general died in Afghanistan?

The death of U.S. Army Major Gen. Harold Greene on Tuesday not only marks the highest-ranking casualty in the Afghanistan conflict — it’s also the first time an Army officer with a major general rank or higher has been killed by enemy fire overseas since Vietnam. The last time was in May 1970 —…

Who are the generals that died in Vietnam?

Dillard also served in World War II and in Korea. Other generals killed in Vietnam include: Army Brig. Gen. William R. Bond. Army Maj. Gen. Keith L. Ware. Air Force Maj. Gen. Robert F. Worley. Marine Maj. Gen. Bruno A. Hochmuth.

Who was the most famous US soldier to die in battle?

Notable U.S. Combat Fatalities: Col. Davy Crockett was killed at the Alamo. He was a former congressman and famous frontier hunter and Indian fighter. General George Custer was killed along with all of his men at the battle of the Little Big Horn in Dakota Territory in 1876.