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Who plays bran in Goonies?

Who plays bran in Goonies?

Josh Brolin
Brand is portrayed by Josh Brolin. This was Brolin’s first film role. An element dropped from Brand’s character was claustrophobia, which acted up while the Goonies moved through the underground cave system.

What happened to Chunk from Goonies?

Former actor Jeff Cohen has moved on to another part of the entertainment industry. Jeff Cohen, who played Chunk in The Goonies, stopped acting after his younger days, but he still found success within the entertainment industry.

How old is Mikey from The Goonies now?

Sean Astin as Mikey Sean was just 14 years old when he took on the role of the adorable Mikey, leader of The Goonies. The actor, who is now 50, then went on to play Sam in the blockbuster Lord Of The Rings trilogy and rack up many other credits in TV and movies.

How old was Brandon in The Goonies?

Brand Walsh

Brandon “Brand” Walsh
Played By: Josh Brolin
Occupation: Student
Age: 16
Relatives: Irene Walsh (mother) Irving Walsh (father) Mikey Walsh (brother)

Who is the Chinese boy in The Goonies?

Jonathan Luke Ke Huy Quan
Jonathan Luke Ke Huy Quan (Chinese: 關繼威; Vietnamese: Quan Kế Huy; born August 20, 1971) is an American actor and stunt choreographer. He is best known for his film appearances in the 1980s, portraying Data in The Goonies and Indiana Jones’ sidekick Short Round in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.

Who is Josh brolins wife?

Kathryn Boyd Brolinm. 2016
Diane Lanem. 2004–2013Alice Adairm. 1988–1994
Josh Brolin/Wife

Josh Brolin and his wife, Kathryn Boyd, have welcomed their second child, both revealing the news via their personal Instagram accounts Sunday.

Who died out of the Goonies?

John Matuszak

No. 78, 79, 72
Born: October 25, 1950 Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Died: June 17, 1989 (aged 38) Burbank, California
Height: 6 ft 8 in (2.03 m)
Weight: 280 lb (127 kg)

What is wrong with Sloth from The Goonies?

Matuszak died of a drug overdose in June 1989, with fatal amounts of prescription drug propoxyphene found in his bloodstream, along with trace elements of cocaine and Tylenol. An enlarged heart turned out to be his undoing; an ironic death. It’s as his young co-stars said: “Goonies never say die.”

Which one of The Goonies died?

Which one of the Goonies died?

What Beach was The Goonies filmed on?

Cannon Beach
Well, you can’t drive it, but you’ll enjoy walking the wide, wild sands of Cannon Beach, where the scene was filmed, 25 miles south of Astoria.

Is Data from Goonies Chinese?

Data – Jonathan Ke Quan The Vietnamese-born actor had already starred as Indiana Jones’ highly-annoying sidekick, Short Round, prior to The Goonies.

What did Gaara do to his siblings in Naruto?

Gaara’s siblings were obviously terrified of him. The first time Gaara is shown, he threatens to kill his older brother. Kankuro and Temari’s fear of Gaara must have been a learned behavior. There must have been a lot of times over the years that Gaara threatened, tormented, and bullied his older siblings.

Who was the actor who played brand in the Goonies?

Josh Brolin is an actor who portrayed Brand in The Goonies. Life and career [edit | edit source] Born on February 12, 1968 in Santa Monica, California, his first movie role was in The Goonies. For a short period of time, Brolin took interest in theater and stage performance over film.

Where does Andrea Carmichael from the Goonies Live?

Andrea Carmichael, often shortened to Andy, is a cheerleader for her high school. She lives in the Hillside part of Astoria with her parents. Andy has long, wavy red hair and green eyes. She wears a white tennis outfit and a pair of white Nike sneakers.

Who are the main characters in the movie The Goonies?

Josh Brolin as Brandon “Brand” Walsh, a high school athlete and Mikey’s older brother and minder Jeff Cohen as Lawrence “Chunk” Cohen, a clumsy, gluttonous member of the Goonies and habitual fabulist Corey Feldman as Clark “Mouth” Devereaux, a Goonie nicknamed for his cheeky tongue