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Who lives at Milton Hall Peterborough?

Who lives at Milton Hall Peterborough?

Naylor-Leyland family
once home to the Fitzwilliam family, and now resided in by the Naylor-Leyland family, who inherited it from the 10th Earl Fitzwilliam. The most interesting objects in the room, are the suite of furniture.

Who owns Milton estate?

They had it built in the early 18th century and owned it up until 1989 when it was bought by Clifford Newbold and his sons Paul, Marcus and Giles.

Is Milton Hall open to the public?

The house and grounds are private and not open to the public; however, Peterborough Milton Golf Club has a par 71 parkland course set in the grounds of the estate, with many of the holes being played in full view of Milton Hall.

How much is Sir Philip Naylor Leyland worth?

He is worth an estimated GB£160m.

Where is Milton Hall in the city of Peterborough?

Milton Hall lies in the parish of Castor on the western edge of the city of Peterborough. The park covers c 315ha, of which c 16ha are gardens and pleasure grounds. The park is heavily wooded, with plantations running along most of the boundaries.

Which is the largest private house in Peterborough?

Milton Hall. Milton Hall, near Peterborough, is the largest private house in Cambridgeshire, England. As part of the Soke of Peterborough, it was formerly part of Northamptonshire. It dates from 1594, being the historical home of the Fitzwilliam family, and is situated in an extensive park in which some original oak trees from an earlier Tudor…

Who is the current owner of Milton Hall?

After the occupation of the Hall during the Second World War, Lord and Lady Fitzwilliam returned to Milton to make it their home. The Earl died in 1979 and the Countess in 1995, at which time the estate passed to Sir Philip Naylor-Leyland. The site remains (2000) in single private ownership.

How big was the estate of Milton Hall?

It’s certainly true that if the walls and grounds of Milton Hall could speak, they would tell a fine story of Britain’s aristocracy, socialites, politicians and war time secrets, all as thrilling as any novel… Milton Estate originally consisted of 23,300 acres extending along the Nene Valley roughly between Peterborough and Irthlingborough.