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Who is the writer of Rosa Diamante?

Who is the writer of Rosa Diamante?

Rosa diamante ( Spanish pronunciation: [ˈrosa ðjaˈmante], Diamond Rose) is a Spanish-language telenovela produced by United States-based television network Telemundo Studios, Miami and Mexican Argos Comunicación. It is a remake of Argentinian telenovela Perla Negra, written by Enrique Torres.

When does Rosa Diamante start on Telemundo?

From July 10 to July 23, 2012, Telemundo aired half-hour episodes of Rosa Diamante weeknights at 8:30pm/7:30c, along with Una Maid en Manhattan. Starting July 24, 2012, Telemundo aired Rosa Diamante weeknights at 8pm/7c, replacing Una Maid en Manhattan.

Who is Rosa’s cousin in Rosa Diamante?

Rosa sets on a plan of revenge on Jose Ignacio, who just happens to be Eva’s cousin, Barbara’s fiancé. She also strives to give Eduardito proper love. ^ Telemundo kicks off the production of Rosa Diamante.

How did Rosa Diamante end up in an orphanage?

The young Eva falls in love and ends up pregnant but Jose Ignacio leaves her. After giving birth, a terrible car accident abruptly ends Eva’s life. Rosa, who was also in the accident, is mistakenly identified as Eva in the aftermath, and Rosa lets everyone believe she really is Eva so that little Eduardito will not end up in an orphanage.

When was the last episode of Rosa Diamante?

The last episode was broadcast on January 21, 2013, with Pasión Prohibida replacing it the following day. As with most of its other telenovelas, the network broadcast English subtitles as closed captions on CC3.

How did Eva Sotomayor die in Rosa Diamante?

When Eva’s grandfather Eduardo Sotomayor, the only family member who ever cared about her, dies of a heart attack, she is told to come to the city for the reading of his will and asks Rosa to accompany her. On their way, they are involved in a fatal auto crash with Rosa as the only survivor.