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Who is the owner of the airline Air Algerie?

Who is the owner of the airline Air Algerie?

Air Algérie is a joint stock company, with the shares 100% owned by the Algerian state, as of December 2013. The airline has the following main subsidiaries: Technics Air Algérie. Air Algérie Catering, with 2,000 employees, preparing the meals of all Air Algérie’s flights departing from Algeria.

How to book a flight with Air Algerie?

We pay a special attention to your needs and suggestions to inform you about our services. At any time, you can book directly on our site. Our Contact Center allows you to plan your trip and get all the information you need, a personalized multilingual support is provided in… You can also contact AIR ALGERIE agencies to satisfy your request.

What kind of aircraft does Air Algerie have?

to form the Compagnie Générale de Transports Aériens Air Algérie, with a combined fleet that included one Breguet 761, six Bretagnes, five DC-3s and three DC-4s. Following merger, Air Algérie commenced seasonal services to Ajaccio, Clermont, Montpellier and Perpignan.

How much is the capital of Air Algerie?

Air Algérie is a Joint Stock Company (J.S.C) the registered capital of which is,00 DA. In November 2010, Air Algérie announced and investment for € 400 million to renew its fleet, to be launched in 2011.

Is there a codeshare agreement with Air Algerie?

Air Algérie is in the process of aligning its codeshare agreements, frequent flyer programs, and airport lounge agreements with each of the SkyTeam carriers in order to meet SkyTeam ‘s membership application requirements. The company reported that they applied to join Star Alliance or SkyTeam and also began working in partnership with Lufthansa.

What are the problems with Air Algerie flights?

The cleanliness, or rather lack of, is a major issue. The newer planes especially are already really dirty (food crumbs everywhere, seats are not cleaned and toilets a disgrace). Staff are a mixed bunch, some are friendly but others have never heard of politeness or friendliness. Languages spoken are Arabic and French, you can forget about English.

When did Air Algerie get its first plane?

An Air Algérie Sud Aviation Caravelle at Paris Orly Airport in 1971. Air Algérie became the first private French airline in ordering the type in 1958, and received the first of them in early 1960.