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Who headlined oxygen in 2010?

Who headlined oxygen in 2010?

There was at least one new stage, the 2FM/Hot Press Academy. The O2 Stage was renamed the Vodafone Stage. The Main Stage was headlined by Arcade Fire, Muse and Eminem. The Vodafone Stage was headlined by Fatboy Slim, The Black Eyed Peas and The Prodigy.

Why was oxygen Cancelled?

Brian Lloyd. It’s been announced by promoters MCD that Oxegen will not take place this year, due to a lack of suitable acts to headline. The promoters went on to say that the festival itself may no longer be viable in its current form.

When was Oxegen festival last?

Oxegen was originally a three-day festival, but from 2008 onwards, it was expanded to four days….

Years active 2004–2011; 2013

What year did Daft Punk play oxygen?

Oxegen 2007

Muse headlining Oxegen 07.
Genre Rock
Dates 8–9 July 2007
Location(s) Punchestown Racecourse, County Kildare, Ireland

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Where did the Oxegen festival take place in 2010?

Oxegen 2010 was the seventh Oxegen festival to take place since 2004. It took place on the weekend of Friday 9 July, Saturday, 10 July and Sunday, 11 July at Punchestown Racecourse near Naas in County Kildare, Ireland. Eminem, Muse and Arcade Fire headlined. A total of around 150 acts performed over the three days.

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If you’ve ever watched a professional football game such as the National Football League (NFL), you might have seen the players using an oxygen mask on the sidelines between plays. Oxygen contributes to muscle performance on and off the field.

Who was on the bill at Oxegen 2010?

Eminem, Muse and Arcade Fire headlined. A total of around 150 acts performed over the three days. Oxegen 2010 was Arcade Fire’s first Irish appearance since performing in the Phoenix Park and was their first 2010 European show to be confirmed.