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Who are the main characters in war and peace?

Who are the main characters in war and peace?

Vera is a somewhat cold, unpleasant young woman, and her only proposal of marriage comes from the officer Berg, who is candid about his need for her dowry. An artificial and untrustworthy Russian nobleman, and a special friend of Anna Pavlovna. Vasili continually tries to maneuver his children into lucrative marriages.

Who was the hero of war and peace?

Prince Bagration (1765-1812) – Russian general, considered “The hero of heroes” by Tolstoy. He is a modest, polite, but very strong character – An accurate image of Bagration in real life. Fought the French in a rear-guard action near Schoengraben in 1805, protecting Kutuzov.

Who is the Little Princess in war and peace?

Princess Elisabeta “Lisa” Karlovna Bolkonskaya (also Lise and the “little princess”) – née Meinena. When her husband Prince Andrei departs for the Napoleonic Wars, he leaves her at his father’s remote estate where she is utterly isolated socially.

Who is Abbe Morio in war and peace?

Abbé Morio – Has a plan for world peace; reappears in Book Two at Pierre’s Masonic initiation ceremony. Based on the real life priest and writer Scipione Piattoli.

So far there is rather more peace than war, but the three central characters, Pierre, Prince Andrei and Natasha seem remarkably well cast and the eternal triangle is forming in a complex way, as expected. The series does not feel terribly Russian but clearly the culture and problems that existed at the time were peculiar to continental Europe.

Who is the director of war and peace?

It is a six-part adaptation of the novel War and Peace by the Russian author Leo Tolstoy, written by Andrew Davies and directed by Tom Harper. War & Peace aired on A&E, Lifetime and History Channel in the United States as four two-hour episodes, beginning on 18 January 2016.

Is the movie War and peace good for TV?

Tolstoy’s “War and Peace,” with its tale of aristocratic Russian families during the Napoleonic invasion in the early 1800s, would seem a natural for the small screen in the age of “Downton Abbey” and “Mad Men.” And the four-night, eight-hour adaptation that begins on Monday makes for a decent enough costume drama.