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Which bird is known as brood parasite?

Which bird is known as brood parasite?

Interspecific brood-parasites include the indigobirds, whydahs, and honeyguides in Africa, cowbirds, Old World cuckoos, black-headed ducks, and some New World cuckoos in the Americas. Seven independent origins of obligate interspecific brood parasitism in birds have been proposed.

Which bird is referred to as a brood parasite and why?

One well-known obligate brood parasite is the cuckoo bird, particularly the common cuckoo and the European cuckoo. Cowbirds are also common brood parasites, especially in the United States. The brown-headed cowbird is common throughout North America.

How many birds are brood parasites?

Only about 40 percent of cuckoo species worldwide are brood parasites, the rest care for their own eggs and young. Brood parasitism is much less common in other groups of birds. It is found in about 1 percent of bird species, including members of such diverse groups as ducks, weavers, and cowbirds.

Is cuckoo a brood parasite?

cuckoo (Cuculus canorus) is a brood parasite; i.e., it lays its eggs in the nests of other birds, which act as foster parents for the young cuckoos. The most frequent foster parents are various species of small songbirds.

Are there any birds that have brood parasitism?

Brood parasitism in birds of the new world (the Americas) is not as developed as in the old world. Brood parasitism is largely limited to species of the genus Molothrus (cowbirds) of the family Icteridae and the striated cuckoo (Tapera Naevia) Cuculidae. Some waterfowl are known to lay eggs in other nests occasionally.

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What kind of brood parasite lays polychrome eggs?

The striped cuckoo is also a generalist obligate brood parasite with a long list of host species. This cuckoo lays polychrome eggs or eggs of multiple colors. The cuckoo has specialized in placing colored eggs similar to the coloring of their favorite hosts’ eggs to prevent the eggs from being recognized and rejected by the host species.

Is the vampire finch a brood parasitic bird?

This is the list of the brood parasites in order Passeriformes, the perching birds. Instead of making nests of their own, and feeding their young, brood parasites deposit their eggs in the nests of other birds. Note that the vampire finch is a parasite, but is not brood parasitic.