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Which bike Valentino Rossi use?

Which bike Valentino Rossi use?

Yamaha YZR-M1
Yamaha YZR-M1

Yamaha YZR-M1 used by Rossi in the 2004
Category MotoGP
Constructor Yamaha
Predecessor Yamaha YZR500
Technical specifications

What happened to Valentino Rossi’s bike?

After a 2010 season marred by a broken leg and no title defence, Rossi left Yamaha to join Ducati for the 2011 season. It was confirmed that Rossi would leave the Factory Yamaha team at the end of 2020, and he confirmed on 26 September 2020 that he would ride for the Petronas Yamaha Racing Team in the 2021 season.

Was Rossi a smoker?

Rossi first started smoking at about the age of fifteen. Rossi was reported to have smoked from two to three packs per day while still in Italy.

What does Valentino Rossi race?

Rossi, 42, plans to come back in 2022 as a team owner in the series. Valentino Rossi will retire from motorcycle competition at the end of 2021, bringing to an end a career that has spanned 26 seasons, and yielded nine world titles.

How many model bikes does Valentino Rossi ride?

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How did Valentino Rossi lose the Motorcycle Championship?

He lost the 2006 title with a crash in the final round at Valencia, ceding the title to his former Honda teammate Nicky Hayden. In 2007 Rossi and Yamaha were of no match to a dominant Casey Stoner on a Ducati, and Rossi ultimately finished a then career-low third overall.

How many times has Valentino Rossi won the World Championship?

Valentino Rossi (/ˈrɒsi/; Italian: [valenˈtiːno ˈrossi]; born 16 February 1979) is an Italian professional motorcycle road racer and multiple MotoGP World Champion. He is the only rider in the history of the World Championship to have won the World Championship in four different classes: 125cc (1), 250cc (1), 500cc (1) and MotoGP (6).