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Where is aperture on Canon 60d?

Where is aperture on Canon 60d?

The top dial is for changing the shutter speed. You now have to use the quick control on your camera’s body to choose the aperture. Just rotate it from left to right increase, and right to left to decrease the F number. If you can’t adjust the aperture value, check the Unlock button nearby.

How do I change the f on my Canon camera?

Changing the f-stop. For the Canon PowerShot SX120 IS, you can change the f-stop as soon as you put the camera in Av (aperture priority) mode. Rotate the dial to change the setting. Set the aperture to f/5.0 to start, and adjust it if you need more depth of field.

How to control the aperture on a Canon 60D?

There are also 2 ways to control the aperture yourself: in the Av mode (aperture priority mode) and Manual mode. Both of the can be set by changing the mode dial on the Canon EOS 60D. In Av mode, the AI will help decide all the needed settings, except the aperture. It is your business.

Where is aperture set on Canon 7D 10d?

Aperture is set with the top dial in Av and B modes; but the rear dial is used in M mode. Make sure the ‘Lock’ switch on the rear dial is not engaged. Image not available.

Can a Canon 60D take a HDR photo?

That is how you can capture an HDR photo with Canon EOS 60D. Overall, you can control the shutter speed and aperture through Tv mode and Av mode. You can also control both of them in the Manual mode. You can use the top dial and quick control for adjusting the shutter speed and aperture respectively.

When to use Golden Hour on Canon 60D?

The Golden Hour is 30 minutes before and after dusk or dawn. Aperture Priority mode (Av) is an advanced mode that allows you to control the f/number while the 60D controls the shutter speed. Generally speaking, I start at f/11 and work my way up depending on how much light is available.