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Where can I take my Emirates ID for medical?

Where can I take my Emirates ID for medical?

Medical center in Al Nahda Center, Deira In our opinion, the most efficient place for Medicals and Emirates ID for non Dubai visas is Karama Medical Fitness center (Find on Google map), because it offers medical tests and fingerprints at the same location.

Where can I get biometrics for Emirates ID?

You will need to submit your renewal application in person at an accredited typing centre or online via the website of FAIC. You might need to visit one of FAIC’s service centres or preventive medical centres to provide your biometric details.

How long does Emirates ID take after medical?

You should go for biometrics for Emirates ID after your medical checkup. The emirates id biometrics application for a residence permit (visa sticker) will be delivered to the immigration department as soon as you complete it. This takes at least four business days.

Where are the Emirates ID centers in Dubai?

Other Emirates ID center locations include Al Barsha, Al Rashidiya, Karama. Report also said The Muhaisnah centre was recently opened with the ability to serve up to 3,000 applicants, operating 24 hours a day. 16 August 2007 – Al Barsha Registration center opened. Located in Al Barsha 3 near Jebel Ali horse race course.

Where to apply for a medical test in Dubai?

If you don’t have one, you can go to the DHA website and apply for a temporary number online, but it might not be necessary if doing the test when applying for a new visa. For visa renewal bring labour card and/or Emirates ID card and/or another UAE government issued ID card. Employment offer letter or contract if you have one.

Is there a medical fitness center in Dubai?

The Dubai Medical Fitness Centers (MFC) are only for applications for residence visas issued by Dubai immigration (which depends on sponsoring company address, not yours).

Who is responsible for issuing the Emirates ID card?

The Emirates Identity Authority (EIDA) is the United Arab Emirates (UAE) government agency responsible for issuing the Emirates Identity Card (Emirates ID Card) for Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and UAE citizens and residents.