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Where can I buy a CZ USA shotgun?

Where can I buy a CZ USA shotgun?

Find fantastic deals on CZ shotguns for sale at Our inventory includes a large selection of single barrel, double barrel, and pump-action CZ shotguns for sale in a wide range of price points. We offer some of the top sellers, like the CZ USA Bobwhite, Ringneck, Redhead, All American, 628 Field Select, and more.

What kind of shotgun is CZ 712 G2?

The CZ 712 G2 is a gas-operated semi-automatic 12 gauge shotgun built on a light weight alloy receiver. Built on the proven 712 action but features a 30 inch barrel with a 10mm stepped rib designed to pattern high for rising trap targets. The 712 Utility G2 shotgun is an all-purpose shotgun for home or farm.

What kind of shotgun is CZ Supreme field?

NEW THIS WEEK! CZ Supreme Field in 28 gauge with 28″ barrels and 2 3/4″ chambers with ejectors. Bores are bright and shiny with a little powder and plastic residue noted. No rings, dents, dings, or bulges …Click for more info

What kind of shotgun is the CZ Drake?

This is a like new CZ-USA model 712 G2 shotgun. This 12 gauge shotgun has a 26′ matte black barrel and a vent rib. The black synthetic stock is like new. This nice shotgun is ready for the field and r …Click for more info CZ DRAKE IN .410 CA. CAL., WITH 28″ BARREL. COLOR BLUE. CONDITION 98%. SERIAL NUMBER 18S10614.

Where does the CZ USA Drake shotgun come from?

The Drake, like all CZ USA shotguns, is imported from Turkey, where it is made by Huglu (the “g” is silent), one of Turkey’s best gunmakers.== CZ has been working with Huglu for a long time, and they’ve done a good job of making the Turks elevate the quality of their guns to the level U.S. customers expect.

How many chokes are in a CZ shotgun?

NEW THIS WEEK! This 28″ barreled Sharp-Tail comes with a total of five chokes, choke wrench, and factory hard case. Very nice color case-hardening on receiver, wrist, trigger guard, and forend latch.